I am NCC

“Si yo puedo hacerlo, tu tambien puedes (If I can do it, you can do it),” she said of working toward her associate degree at NCC.

First-year student Maribi Garcia knows exactly what she wants to do – protect and serve. Garcia is an E-2 Private in the United States Army and aspires to one day be a local law enforcement officer in Nashua, Merrimack, or Manchester. She wasn’t always so certain though.

As a 2014 graduate of Nashua High School South, Garcia struggled to identify with a career path as she neared the end of high school. It was this uncertainty that led her to join the military. Once enlisted, she was mentored by a Sargent and former police officer who sparked her interest in law enforcement.

With encouragement from the Army, it was not long after that she enrolled in the Criminal Justice program at NCC.

For Garcia, NCC means that she can stay local. NCC’s close proximity to home and work allows her to take classes that fit her busy schedule. Her future plan also includes transferring into a bachelor's degree program and she saw the opportunity to use NCC as a “stepping stone” to fulfill her academic and career goals.

Garcia is bilingual too. She said that being proficient in English and her first language, Spanish, has been invaluable in life and education. She admits her hectic schedule is at times draining, but her ability to see the horizon is evident.