Dual Admission benefits students & state

Dual Admission partnership gives students options for education in NH

The cost of college is a well-known obstacle for students and their families. It’s the reason student debt is now the second highest consumer debt in the country behind mortgages. It’s also the reason many post-graduates are hindered in their abilities to travel, buy a house, or simply to move out of their parents’ home.

Over the years as education costs have mounted, the idea of the four-year college experience has evolved. Students take “gap years” to work, intern, and travel before enrolling in college. Others join the military and earn money toward their education. Some just need more time to figure out their interests before they commit to an expensive four-year college.

Some students know exactly what they want, but aren’t sure how to afford it.

To provide students with more choices and a more “seamless” transfer experience, the Community College System of New Hampshire and the University System of New Hampshire created Dual Admissions.

The way it works is students apply to a community college, with all credits earned guaranteed to transfer to one of the USNH institutions: Keene State College, Plymouth State University, Granite State College, and the flagship institution, the University of New Hampshire. Every community college has counselors to help with this process.

Students are accepted to a CCSNH institution like NCC and a USNH institution such as UNH simultaneously, spending the first two years in Nashua, and their junior and senior years at UNH.

Along the way, students earn their Associate’s Degree from NCC, then leverage every credit into a Bachelor’s Degree at UNH. It’s one way to make college more accessible, and it means one additional degree for students who participate. For New Hampshire, it is also another chance to keep our younger population in the Granite State.

At Nashua Community College, students routinely take advantage of the Dual Admissions partnership.

Aside from saving money on general education requirements, Dual Admissions serves as a way for students to bring up their grades before moving on to a four-year institution. They can also take the time to decide what it is they want to study.

The program is flexible: Students can opt-in to Dual Admissions between their first and last semesters at community college. Their status as a Dual Admissions students gives them access to the advising and campus resources at both institutions.

Students may want to dive right into that four-year experience, which is an excellent path to take. However, community colleges have the high quality faculty, updated facilities, and student activities and clubs students should expect from their higher education facility.

As the saying goes, “there are many paths up the same mountain.” If a pathway through your local community college is what you need, you can still end up at the top of the same mountain with your four-year degree in hand.

Learn more about Dual Admissions online at nashuacc.edu/academics/dual-admission.presidents message thumbnail

Lucille Jordan is the President of Nashua Community College, located at 505 Amherst Street in Nashua, NH.

This column appeared in the July 28, 2017 edition of The Telegraph.