Sign Language Certificate

Arts, Humanities, Communications & Design
The Arts and Humanities form a foundation for an array of learning pathways and help students develop a broad understanding of their world and the ability to think critically and communicate effectively. Arts-related programs like graphic design and media technology combine creativity and tactical/technical skills to prepare students for a variety of professions in rapidly evolving fields.

Evening Program

This program is designed to prepare individuals for jobs providing support services to the hearing impaired. Emphasis will be on using American Sign Language (ASL). To be accepted to the program, applicants must meet the requirements for admission listed in the catalog.

CAREER COACH: Sign Language Job Search

SOCI101N Introduction to Sociology - OR -
PSYC101N Introduction to Psychology 3 0 3
ENGL101N College Composition 4 0 4
ASL101N Deaf Culture 3 0 3
ASL120N Sign Language I 3 0 3
ASL121N Sign Language II 3 0 3
ASL201N Deaf and Hearing Cultural Interactions 3 0 3
ASL220N Sign Language III 3 0 3
ASL221N Sign Language IV 3 0 3
Total Credits 25