Leadership & Management Certificate

Business programs offer real-world experience and leadership skills to start a successful career in today’s professional environment. Our programs prepare students for career opportunities in management, sales, event planning, marketing and much more.


The new non-credit Leadership & Management Certificate Program from Nashua Community College is ideal for professionals at all levels – from team leaders who want to build knowledge and skills to move into management to seasoned managers and executives who are seeking effective training with current, proven-effective leadership tools.

The Program consists of dynamic coursework in a workshop environment and packaged in three targeted series. These dynamic courses will equip you with key concepts and tools to lead and manage a team, a department, a plant or a division. Collectively, the three series provide a wide choice of highly interactive programming to help you to make a difference, positively impacting business success and employee engagement.

Series I

  • Transitioning into Management
  • Management Roles, Responsibilities
  • Identifying and Leveraging Your Strengths
  • Delegating Effectively
  • Interviewing and Selecting the Right People
  • Managing a New Hire’s first 90 days

Series II

  • Setting and Using Goals
  • Managing Performance
  • Teamwork and Leading Teams
  • Resolving Employee Conflicts
  • Critical and Creative Thinking Tools
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Methods and Tools
  • Time Management for Manager

Series III

  • Overview and assessment: The 5 Keys to Strategy Execution in Manufacturing Industries
  • The 5 Keys: Strategic Understanding, Leadership, Balanced Metrics, Activities and Structure, and Human Capital
  • Market Discipline