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The Massage Therapy Certificate Program is designed to prepare the student to enter the profession of therapeutic massage. It meets all State of New Hampshire requirements for licensure and provides a minimum 750 hour course of study. Students gain a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology, as well as various massage interventions for general health and well-being. Electives are provided to make Nashua Community College massage graduates unique and versatile.

Completion of the program will prepare graduates to take the National Certification Examination for Massage and Bodywork required for licensure as a State of New Hampshire Massage Therapist. The passing rate for NCC graduates taking the 2009 NCETMB was 100%. Students may complete the program in one year (three semesters) or longer depending on the needs of the student. Flexible scheduling allows full time workers to build their course load as needed each term.

Students must be matriculated in the Massage Therapy Certificate program at NCC to register for any MSTN course. The following exceptions will be considered based on space availability: students enrolled at another educational institution in Massage Therapy; Licensed or Certified Massage Therapists. A minimum age of 18 is required for enrollment in any palpation dependent classes. Continuing education credits are also available for LMTs.

Applicants for Massage Therapy must meet the College requirements for admission. They must also complete Standard First Aid and CPR courses at their own expense prior to their internship.

National exams and State of New Hampshire licensure require a felony-free background check over the ten years preceding license application. NCC reserves the right to require felony checks of any prospective or matriculated massage student. If required, this would be the student's expense.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S. Department of Labor) projects an increased growth rate of 20% for massage therapy through 2018.

Students in the Massage Therapy Program will be held to the highest professional and ethical standards. Inappropriate behavior and issues pertaining to the quality of touch will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the program at any time. The program is subject to constant review in an effect to meet current and future requirements of this quickly growing field of study.

* Some courses are offered during the day.

Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement

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MASS102N Anatomy & Physiology for Massage and Bodywork 3 2 4
MASS101N Swedish Massage I* 2 3 3
MASS119N Massage Business Practices 3 0 3
MASSxxxN Elective** 0   2/3
MASS111N Musculo-Skeletal Study 1 2 2
MASS121N Swedish Massage II 2 3 3
MASS131N Pathology 3 0 3
MASS141N Oriental Theory and Concepts 3 0 3
MASSxxxN Elective ** 0   2/3
MASS212N Kinesiology 2 3 3
MASS126N Massage Therapy Rule and Ethics 1 0 1
MASS233N Clinical Evaluation and Treatment 2 3 3
MASS135N Deep Tissue Massage 1 2 2
MASS290N Clinical Internship:  A Capstone Experience 0 9 3
MASSxxxN Elective ** 0   2/3

Minimum of 37 Credits


CHWN101N Foundations of Health and Wellness 3 0 3
CHWN115N Introduction to Herbology 3 0 3
MASS105N Spa Techniques* 2 0 2
MASS132N Sports Massage* 2 0 2
MASS134N Self-Care & Stress Management 2 0 2
MASS136N Shiatsu* 2 0 2
MASS137N Pre/Post Natal Massage* 2 0 2
MASS139N Reflexology* 2 0 2
MASS143N Chair Massage* 2 0 2
MASS145N Aromatherapy 2 0 2
MASS148N Somatic Massage* 2 0 2
MASS153N Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release* 2 0 2
BIOL115N Nutrition 3 0 3
*  Please check course descriptions for prerequisites and corequisites.
**  Students must take a minimum of two (2) electives.

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