I am NCC

“Community colleges are an excellent way to determine whether college is a good fit,” she said. “They are much less expensive while still being as challenging as more prestigious schools.”

It was Jessica Wolfe’s search for a challenging history class that sparked her eagerness to get a head start on college and eventually her interest in NCC’s Early College Program. The once soft-spoken homeschool student found her voice in the program, which helped her gain confidence and college credits.

Now embarking on her bachelor’s degree at Franklin Pierce University, the freshly graduated high schooler will be welcomed in as a sophomore, having earned 46 transferable credits through the Early College Program.

Her story is unique and her drive is obvious, something that made her stand out in applying to four-year colleges and universities.

I have a huge advantage over other students my age,” Wolfe said. “I’m used to the way college classes run and the expectations most professors have.”

In addition to the credits she earned from NCC, her academic achievements while enrolled led her to be awarded a merit scholarship from Franklin Pierce University, easing some of the financial burden that often accompanies higher education.

Wolfe wants others to know that they too can benefit from starting out at a community college, even if their ultimate goal is to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

She uses her experience in the Early College Program as a means to help others, sharing her triumphs with every high schooler she meets. Wolfe has even recruited her younger brother Ben to enroll at NCC.

“Don’t underestimate yourself and your abilities,” she said to those considering Early College. “You can handle way more than you think.”