I am NCC

“Life changes quickly...”

Life changes quickly when you are told you are going to lose your job. And your husband gets the same news at the same time.  And you have two young children. That’s what happened to Lindsey and Seth Hin in 2013. Both were working at the same company in Hudson when they were informed the company was closing its facility and relocating. Seth Hin was fortunate; the company that moved into the warehouse section where he worked hired him. He’s now a manager for that company.

Lindsey Hin went a different route. She took advantage of assistance from the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program to go back to school. She was not yet 30 and the mother of two young children,one not yet in school. She was working as a customer service representative and said the timing was right to change career paths. She wanted to get into the medical field and knew she didn’t want to be a nurse or sit behind a desk. She found the massage therapy program at Nashua Community College and thought it was the right fit. It was close to her home in Nashua, cost efficient and allowed her the flexibility to take care of her children. Hin will graduate from NCC this year with an Associate in Science in Massage Therapy.