New Advanced Biology Courses at NCC

Introducing: New online Advanced Topics in Biology courses for science students and healthcare professionals

Advanced Topics in Biology: Pathophysiology

Pathophysiology is new to NCC for fall 2017. The course serves as an introduction to basic concepts of pathophysiology and their applications to human diseases. It includes discussions and studies in homeostatic imbalance of organ systems and principles of diseases development, along with review of relevant diagnostic procedures & treatment techniques. The course is meant to give students a competitive edge in the healthcare field. Course Number: BIOL205N-ZZ CRN17748

Pre-requisites include: BIOL131N or BIOL202N Anatomy and Physiology II; and/or BIOL107N Biology I; or permission from professor. Credit for the NCC Pathophysiology course applies toward BA degrees at many four-year institutions.

Pathophysiology is an equivalent transfer as BSCI 670 at UNH Manchester as part of the NCC/UNH Manchester Pathway. The course runs Aug. 28 - Dec. 15, 2017.

Advanced Topics in Biology: Immunology

Immunology was first offered summer 2017 and will return to NCC in spring 2018. The online course covers mechanisms of innate and adaptive immunity, provides understanding of autoimmune and allergic diseases, other immune-mediated conditions, and immunodeficiency. The course also offers information on advances in interventional and clinical immunology and the molecular and genetic basis of immune-mediated diseases.

The course is geared toward matriculated students and healthcare professionals. Pre-requisites include: BIOL131N or BIOL202N Anatomy & Physiology II; and/or BIOL107N Biology I; or permission from professor.

Courses led by Dr. Tatiana Jones

Tatiana Jones, MD, PhD, has 13 years of experience practicing Rheumatology in Russia and 10 years working in Rheumatology, Immunology and Allergy Division of Harvard Medical School, where she successfully developed and completed several research projects related to immune responses in asthma, which resulted in in 11 publications in peer-reviewed journals, text-book chapter authorship and two funded grants. Since 2013 she is an Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences of Nashua Community College.

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