New classes at NCC

Fall 2017: New Classes at NCC

Nashua Community College is always evolving the course catalog to meet the needs of students. This fall, NCC will offer several new courses both on campus and online, including:

Advanced Topics in Biology: Pathophysiology - BIOL205N The Health and Science building at NCC is pictured.

This upper level pathophysiology course will discuss many current health issues at the depth of the cell. This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of the various cellular mechanisms by which human diseases develop; includes a survey of common disorders involving each of the major body systems. Students should have a solid background in cell biology by successfully completing BIOL131N/BIOL202N with a 'C' or better, before taking this course. This course fulfills an Advanced Biology Topic for Biology majors. Prerequisites: BIOL131N or BIOL202N with a grade of 'C' or better or permission from Program Coordinator.

Pathophysiology credits are transferable to UNH Durham and Manchester.

Honors Leadership in the Workplace - BUS220N

This course provides the critical element of analytical and intellectual examination and reflection of certain core issues in the practice of leadership. Understanding of these concepts will be achieved through open discussion, honest self-assessment, experiential exercises and observation of real-life leadership practice. Traits and behaviors of leaders setting the ethical tone of the organization are also studied. Examination of the confusion and gray areas involved in leadership initiatives sets the tone for this as an honors level course.

Honors Chemistry through Forensics - CHEM136N

This Honors chemistry course introduces the student to the principles of chemistry as they apply to forensic problems such as evidence, drugs, and fire. The course will include topics such as matter, atomic structure, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, chemical bonding and molecular geometry, solutions, introductory organic chemistry, and thermochemistry. This is a non-lab science offering for non-science majors. Prerequisite: ACCUPLACER Math placement test.

An image of computer binary language. Network Security Monitoring - CSCI211N

Network Security Monitoring is an essential activity for enterprise cybersecurity. This course will introduce tools and methods needed for carrying out this task. In current environment it is unlikely that a network will be free of any intrusion attempts. Detecting these attempts and mitigating them makes a difference between a small incident and a major compromise of the network. The students will learn to use open source solutions such as Security Onion and Snort for collecting data, detecting intrusion and analyzing the data. Upon completion of this course students will gain skills needed to be an effective network security analyst.

Prerequisite: CSCI116N.




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