Software classes for working professionals

Day and Evening Software Classes for Spring 2018

Learn new software skills to boost your résumé and get ahead at work!

Nashua Community College has day and evening classes for those with programming experience looking to sharpen their skills.

Client-Side Scripting Using JavaScript

Jan. 16 - May 4, 6 - 9:45 PM Monday (CSCI201N, 3 Credits)

This course is an introduction to JavaScript programming. The students will be introduced to the following topics: language constructs, form handling, input validation using regular expressions, events and event handlers, creating and using cookies, DOM (Document Object Model), and Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Students are required to develop and present a final project. Prerequisite: CSCI103N, CSCI161N.

Java Programming

Jan. 16 - May 4, 1 - 2:50 PM Monday & Wednesday (CSCI202N, 3 Credits)

The students will reinforce their understanding of basic programming concepts such as variables, loops, conditions, arithmetic operations, functions, parameters and arrays while learning the Java programming language and the Java SDK. The key concepts of the object-oriented programming such as classes, objects, inheritance, and encapsulation are also addressed as well as object oriented problem conceptualization and class definition. Additionally graphical user interface (GUI) and event driven programming concepts are reinforced. Prerequisite: CSCI161N.

Server-Side Scripting Using PHP

Jan. 16 - May 4, 8 - 9:50 AM Monday & Wednesday (CSCI206N, 3 Credits)

The student is introduced to the fundamentals of server side scripting in a web server based environment. This course focuses on the fundamentals needed to design and create dynamic and interactive HTML/XHTML pages that access information on the server. Students learn to design and develop applications for use in an intranet/internet environment. Prerequisite: CSCI103N, CSCI161N.

For these courses, a prerequisite or permission from professor is required. Please contact Prof. David Hubbs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.