Welcome Intake Information for students with disabilities

In order to get the accommodations you need (such as extra time on tests and quizzes, copies of notes, etc.) please provide the following:

  1. Current documentation of your disability. This would include at least ONE of the following:
    1. A copy of your most recent IEP or 504 plan AS WELL AS your last 3-year evaluation (neuropsychological testing) done by your high school. You/your parents may have copies of these. If not, request them from your high school. This is typically what you will need if you have a learning disability.
      *If you did not have an IEP or testing, then you will likely need the next form instead*
    2. The Physical and Psychiatric verification form (included in this packet) is to be completed by your physician (if you have a medical/physical condition) or your counselor/psychiatrist (for any mental health condition).
  2. The documents in this packet:
    1. Application for Reasonable Accommodations
    2. My Learning Profile Worksheet
    3. Permission to Release and Exchange Information form
  3. After you have completed the forms in this packet and have all of your verification documentation in order, PLEASE MAIL IT, FAX IT, DROP IT OFF (to room 100).
    Disabilities Support Coordinator
    Nashua Community College 505 Amherst St. Nashua, NH 03063
    FAX: 603-882-8690
  4. When ALL of the above information is submitted, you can schedule an appointment with the Disabilities Support Coordinator to create/finalize your Reasonable Accommodation Plan.
    To do so, please call our support staff at 603-578-8900 ext 1453.

**Please note your plan is NOT final until you have the meeting with the Disabilities Coordinator, have finalized and signed the plan and are given copies to give to your instructors**

A Completed “My Learning Profile” Worksheet.

A Completed and signed Release of Student Information form. IF you choose. This is specifically in reference to school departments sharing information with parents/family members. This is referred to as the FERPA form. If you choose not to share your info with others, leave this one blank.

A Completed and signed Permission to Release and Exchange Information form which can allow this Center to release and exchange information with other agencies you work closely with (such as doctors, counselors, Voc Rehab, etc) If you choose not to share your info with others, leave it blank.