Student Success Mentor

Help Yourself Be the Best You Can BE!

Mission Statement - The mission of the Student Success Mentor at Nashua Community College is to assist CTE students in reaching their academic potential by developing the skills and strategies necessary to become confident, independent and active learners.

What is the role of a Student Success Mentor?

  • The Student Success Mentor at NCC assist students enrolled in a CTE program.

  • The Student Success Mentor will introduce you to available campus and community resources.

  • The Student Success Mentor will help you connect with instructors and campus departments to increase your academic success.

  • The Student Success Mentor will work together to establish realistic goals and successful study strategies.

What is the role of the student?

  • Maintain communication with your Instructors about your progress in the class.

  • If you find yourself struggling after communicating with your instructor, schedule a meeting with a Student Success Mentor and create a game plan!

  • Help yourself be THE BEST YOU CAN BE!

What is the role of the Instructor?

  • Instructors will identify struggling students.

  • Contact a Student Success Mentor to assist with support services.

  • Communicate with your student and report on their progress.

The Student Success Mentor connects you with the right support staff

  • Advising Center

  • Business Office

  • Disability Services

  • Faculty / Department Coordinators

  • Financial Aid

  • Community Programs And more!

What is the role of the support staff?

The staff at NCC is here to assist students in various areas of their academic journey and to support their success along the way.

As soon as you know you are struggling… take action!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 603-578-8930 | Room 100 Academic Success Center

Available as walk-in or by appointment. Evening hours are available by appointment only.