The Tutoring Center at the Academic Success Center

Tutoring... Your Learning Support!


The mission of the Tutoring Center at Nashua Community College is to assist enrolled students to achieve their full academic potential. The services of the Tutoring Center support students’ effort in meeting NCC academic standards.


The primary goal of the Tutoring and Writing Center is to create a supportive atmosphere while guiding students to become active learners. Staff at the Center will endeavor to:

  • Regard learners as the central focus of the Tutoring and Writing Center.
  • Assist students to plan, monitor and evaluate their learning academic progress.

Additionally, the Tutoring and Writing Center encourages open communication with NCC faculty and staff. The Center will work with faculty to improve student performance and will recommend students speak directly to their instructors for assistance in their course work. Tutoring does not take the place of classroom learning.

To assist students in reaching their academic goals, the Tutoring and Writing Center will evaluate its program regularly. Trained tutors will provide a variety of tutorial services and workshops that will reinforce classroom instruction. Further goals include researching, developing and implementing new ways to support student learning.


We acknowledge and promote student responsibility and accountability for his/her education. We also recognize that students learn at various rates through various modalities. We believe that a student’s success is dependent on an appropriate attitude, serious commitment and the right assistance. By utilizing the services of the Tutoring Center, students have an opportunity to demonstrate high academic performance.

Tutoring Center Policies


MATH - COMPUTERS - ACCOUNTING Tutoring Schedule Spring 2018

WRITING CENTER Tutoring Schedule Spring 2018