CLEP Policy

How to Register for a CLEP Exam

The first step to take a CLEP exam* is to log onto and register via the My Account feature. Payment for the exam is $85.00 and is made at the time of registration through My Account.  You will be issued a registration ticket after paying for the exam.

To sign up for the test at NCC, contact Pat Klein, 603-578-6817 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You can also call the main phone number of the Academic Advising Center, 603-578-8906.  You will be asked for your ticket (voucher) number that is printed on your registration ticket. 

Bring the ticket with you the day of the exam along with identification that has your picture and signature.  This can be a driver’s license or a passport for example. NCC charges a $25.00 fee for administering the test which can be paid the day of the exam.

If you do not pass a CLEP test you must wait three months to take it again.


Our CLEP testing dates are listed on our Academic Advising Calendar.

Our college awards credits to students who achieve a minimum score of 50 on the following tests:

College Composition

Introductory Business Law

French Language

Spanish Language

College Mathematics

College Algebra

History of the U.S. I

History of the U.S. II



Western Civilization I

Western Civilization II



Principles of Management

Natural Sciences



Introductory Psychology

Introductory Sociology

Financial Accounting I


Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

American Literature


 American Government

Human Growth & Development

Successful completion of a CLEP exam is treated as transfer credit. Students need to request their transcript be sent to NCC for review. This request is made during the test or by contacting the Collegeboard after.

CLEP tests are taken on the computer and score reports, for most tests, are available immediately after the test.

The CLEP official study guides with sample questions for exams is available through the Collegeboard website. 

Credit by Examination (CBE)

Credit by Examination may be earned by a matriculated student who, by study, training or experience outside the College has acquired skills or knowledge equivalent to that acquired by the student enrolled in a course at the College. Such skill, knowledge or experience shall be in the area of the course concerned and determined to be relevant by the Vice President of Academic Affairs or other authorized personnel. Students may challenge a course by requesting and completing an examination or evaluation that covers the instructional material of the course.

If successful, the appropriate credits earned are applied to the student’s program. Students requesting a CBE shall pay a fee of $25 per credit to the cashier. This fee is non-refundable. If the student passes the exam, using criteria developed by the respective department, appropriate credit(s) shall be applied to the student’s academic record and a notation entered on the student’s transcript indicating successful completion. Since a traditional grade (A-F) is not entered, the Credit by Exam is not calculated into the student’s GPA. If the student fails to pass the exam, no entry is made on the academic transcript but a record of the unsuccessful completion will be maintained in the student’s file.

A student who does not pass the credit by exam will be ineligible for another credit by exam in that course.

Students wishing to satisfy an elective for Social Sciences or Humanities must take the CLEP. A candidate wishing to review the material for which he/she shall be held responsible in a CBE may apply to the chairperson of the department concerned for a list of areas of the subject matter covered upon which the exam will be based. The CBE shall cover the content of the course being challenged. The student must apply for and take the CBE by the end of the Add/Drop Period. Students may not CBE a course in which they are currently enrolled (registered).