Cafe 505

logo-stackedCafé 505 Hours

Café 505 will be open the following hours this fall:

Monday – Friday  8:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Meet you at 505!

Café 505 is an on-campus dining facility offering the college community quality food delivered by a staff committed to outstanding service.

The menu includes recipes made from scratch, a selection of products finished in-house, and items available through partnerships with local businesses. The café will have a core menu plus specials that highlight seasonal foods and culinary trends.

To date, eight businesses have agreed to partner with us including: A & E Coffee Roasters (including a signature 505 blend), Great Harvest Bread Company, Bagel Alley and Jake’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream. This will demonstrate the importance of collaboration between the college and small businesses in our community.

With great food and service, people on campus will be saying “Meet you at 505”, no matter what time of day it is!