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Developing your data skills is one of the best ways to assure that you will be in demand among employers and project teams. Organizations of every size need professionals who can gather, organize and manage data. In this 100% online course, you will learn to design, customize, and fully optimize a database using the industry-leading Microsoft Access 2019 database program. Upon successful completion, you will be prepared to sit for the Microsoft Office Specialist Access 2019 (MOS MO-500) certification exam. Enrollment includes an optional voucher to cover exam fees.

Job Outlook for Microsoft Access 2019 Certification

  • Microsoft Access 2019 Certification provides a solid foundation for using data across a wide variety of jobs and projects. Nearly every area of administration requires data management. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), demand for Administrative Services and Facilities Managers is set to increase by 6% between now and 2029. That is faster than average growth for all jobs. The BLS specifically expects growth in demand for professionals who work with information and records.
  • According to, Data Management Specialists earn around $59,587 per year, on average. Salaries for early-career Data Management Specialists range between $36-80,000 per year in the first four years of their careers.

Microsoft Access 2019 Certification Faqs

Microsoft Access 2019 Certification signals to employers and project teams that you are prepared to turn data sets into useful information. Microsoft reports that 86% of hiring managers prefer to hire certified candidates. The company also says that 35% of its successful candidates earn pay raises upon receiving their certifications.

Although Microsoft Access 2019 is used across nearly every industry and job classification, professionals who work with Access 2019 generally perform many of the following duties:

  • Design, develop and manage databases and data sets.
    Create and manage tools to track and monitor data.
    Support data management activities, often participating in meetings and projects in expert roles.
  • Coordinate data implementation projects, acting as a liaison with an organization’s leaders.
  • Ensure the accuracy and integrity of data methods and sets.

Because data management involves digital files that can be transferred using secure connections, Access 2019 certification can provide a strong base for remote jobs or contract positions. reports that data managers and specialists commonly earn between $63-157,000 working remotely.


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Tracy Berry has been a senior graphic designer/programmer, instructor, and consultant since 1993 and has developed hundreds of logos, marketing materials, websites, and multimedia solutions for customers worldwide. She was also involved in several large corporate software rollouts. She has helped many organizations optimize and streamline data solutions. She teaches both onsite and online courses and has her CTT (Certified Technical Trainer) certification. Tracy specializes in teaching graphics, desktop publishing, web design, and reporting/productivity applications

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