Two-Part Financial Services Training

Part I: Financial Services Essentials, 2-week, part-time course 

The optional on-campus service skills class prepares students for work in Financial Services. 

“The 2-week introductory ‘Financial Services Essentials’ course is for the person who hasn’t been in a customer-facing role before and wants to gain some of those skills ahead of time,” said Kim Eckenrode, Career and Technical Education Pathways Director at NCC. “Those who are confident in using these skills can also choose to enroll directly into the Security Industry Essentials prep.”

Part II: Security Investment Exam Preparation (SIE), 16-week, part-time training

The Security Investment Exam Prep spans 16-weeks part-time in the evenings for a total of 80-hours.

The training prepares attendees to sit for the Security Industry Essentials exam, known as the SIE, which is one exam required by financial regulators for anyone helping customers with their investments. In the past, candidates pivoting to a career in the financial services industry had to pass all required exams shortly after their hiring. This program would help the candidate succeed by giving them the advantage of having already prepared for and practiced taking the SIE.

Tours of the Fidelity Investments campus in Merrimack, NH, will be arranged between the Financial Service Essentials training and the Security Investment Exam Preparation sessions. 

“This program appeals especially to folks who are gainfully employed but want a change,” said  Fidelity’s Director of Candidate Experience, Wendy Valeri. “Candidates benefit from learning more about the sector before pivoting careers.”

Guaranteed Interviews

Every person who goes through the program gets an interview with Fidelity. Candidates who score over 75% on a practice exam gets sponsored by Fidelity to test.

For more Information please contact:


Financial Services Essentials: Kim Eckenrode, Career and Technical Education Pathways Director at Nashua Community College
Security Investment Exam Preparation (SIE): Lesley Dorazio, Launch, Career Development Coach at Fidelity Personal AND Workplace ADVISORS in Boston, MA. Lesley has been with Fidelity Investments for 16 years


Financial Services Essentials: $250
Security Investment Exam Preparation: $3,000