Swiss Style Screw Machines are prevalent in the automotive, IT, medical manufacturing and consumer electronic industries. Numerous local corporations are currently using Swiss Style Screw Machines.

Swiss Screw Machines can produce large numbers of small, precisely manufactured parts at a low cost, making them a popular choice in the advanced manufacturing segment. Obtaining a certificate in Swiss Style Screw Machines allows graduates to demonstrate mastery on a style of machine with increasing popularity. The certificate will be offered as four, sixteen week courses.

This specialized certificate includes hands-on training with a guaranteed small class size of no more than five students.

Classes offered for this certificate include:

  • Introduction to Swiss style screw machines
  • Screw machine set up and operation
  • Introduction to programming
  • Part production on the Swiss machine

The next Swiss Style Screw Machine course at NCC runs 6-10PM Wednesdays Jan. 12, 2022 – March 16, 2022. Cost is $1,099

Questions regarding the class?

Contact Jon Mason at 603-578-8900 x 1763