October 26, 2022

Training pathway to focus on customer service, financial service essentials

Addressing the need for skilled employees in financial services, Fidelity Investments and Nashua Community College plan to launch a two-part training pathway into the world of finance. The program is scheduled to launch in January 2023. A representative from Fidelity will be available at the next Open House at NCC, Nov. 16 from 5-7 p.m.

Specifically, the Financial Services training series begins with a two-week optional foundation course in financial services essentials, which leads into a 16-week financial services exam preparation class. Both trainings take place on the NCC campus in the evenings, with tours of Fidelity Investments scheduled between sessions.

Fidelity’s Director of Candidate Experience, Wendy Valeri explains, “This program appeals especially to folks who are gainfully employed but want a change. Candidates will benefit from learning more about the sector before pivoting careers.”

The training series prepares attendees to sit for the Security Industry Essentials exam, known as the SIE, which is one exam required by financial regulators for anyone helping customers with their investments. The series begins with the optional ‘Financial Services Essentials’ course for candidates who wish to have a strong foundation for a customer-facing role in finance.

“The 2-week introductory ‘Financial Services Essentials’ course is for the person who hasn’t been in a customer-facing role before and wants to gain some of those skills ahead of time,” said Kim Eckenrode, Career and Technical Education Pathways Director at NCC. “Those who are confident in using these skills can also choose to enroll directly into the Security Industry Essentials prep.”

Kim Eckenrode meets with a continuing education student
Kim Eckenrode meets with a continuing education student

Previously, candidates pivoting to a career in the financial services industry had to pass all required exams shortly after their hiring. This program would help the candidate succeed by giving them the advantage of having already prepared for and practiced taking the SIE.

The training helps candidates explore a new career without the risk, “This gives them the opportunity to practice one of the three required financial services tests without the pressure of their job relying on it”, said Valeri.

Additionally, every person who successfully completes the two-step program will get an opportunity to receive an interview for a customer service role with Fidelity. Candidates who score over 75% on a course final can be sponsored by Fidelity to take the formal SIE, regardless of their employment status.


Kim Eckenrode, Career and Technical Education Pathways Director, [email protected] or 603.578.8979.