Spring 8-Week Session Begins March 21

These accelerated courses work best for highly motivated, self-disciplined individuals.

An 8-Week Class Covers the Same Amount of Material as a Traditional 16-week Class!

If you weren’t ready to start school in January, there is still time to register for Nashua Community College’s Spring semester.

Advantages of 8-Week Semester:

  • Complete a full class in less time
  • Faster degree completion
  • Perfect for your busy schedule
  • Financial aid eligible
  • Full-time of part-time
  • Flexible scheduling With day, evening, on campus or online classes
  • 2nd 8 Week Courses

    22270ACCT102NFinancial Accounting II (P)403/21-05/07TR06:00-09:45PM$952
    22298ARTS101NIntroduction to Drawing303/21-05/07TR06:00-08:45PM$714
    22291BUS110NPrinciples of Management303/21-05/07 Online$714
    22696BUS204NSmall Business Management (P) HYBRID303/21-05/07T06:00-08:55PM$714
    22273BUS207NSales HYBRID303/21-05/07T06:00-08:55PM$714
    22061BUS240NBusiness Law303/21-05/07 Online$714
    22300COMM102NPrinciples of Communication (P)303/21-05/07MW06:00-08:45PM$714
    22344CSCI108NHTML and CSS (P)303/21-05/07TR06:00-09:30PM$824
    22295DATA205NData Visualization303/21-05/07 Online$824
    22296DATA220NIntro to Machine Learning (P)303/21-05/07 Online$824
    22276ECE104NCurriculum for EC Care and Ed (P) HYBRID303/21-05/07S09:00-11:50AM$714
    22353ENGL101NCollege Composition (P/C)403/21-05/07 Online$952
    22690ENGL103NProf. Writing & Presentation (P)303/21-05/07 Online$714
    22349ENGL109NPublic Speaking (P)303/21-05/07 Online$714
    22674ESOL074NGrammar for Writing IV (P)303/21-05/07MW05:30-08:00PM$714
    22675ESOL086NAca Writ for Eng Lang Learn II (P)303/21-05/07TR05:30-08:00PM$714
    22279HIST140NUS History Colonial to Recon303/21-05/07 Online$714
    22280HUMA101NIntroduction to Humanities303/21-05/07 Online$714
    22299HUMA110NCritical Thinking Skills (P)303/21-05/07MW06:00-08:45PM$714
    22306MATH106NStatistics I (P/C)403/21-05/07TR06:00-09:45PM$952
    22282PLGL250NFamily Law (P/C)303/21-05/07TR06:00-08:45PM$714
    22310PSYC101NIntroduction to Psychology303/21-05/07 Online$714
    22134PSYC210NAbnormal Psychology (P)303/21-05/07 Online$714
    22285PSYC240NDrugs and Alcohol (P) HYBRID303/21-05/07W06:00-08:40PM$714
    22356SOCI101NIntroduction to Sociology303/21-05/07 Online$714

    To register, apply, or learn more, please contact Admissions at: 603.578.8908 or [email protected]


    Degrees and Certificates