No/Low-Cost Textbooks available for many NCC courses

Since 2019, Nashua Community College faculty and staff have expanded the use of No/Low-Cost (NOLO) Textbooks – meaning course materials are free, or cost less than $40. 

Students can filter their schedules to select NOLO classes. Just visit the schedule link below, and under “Class Type” select “No or Low Cost Course Materials.”


Quick Facts

  • A total of 28% of NCC courses qualify as NOLO, meaning low-cost, or no-cost texts, as well as no-text classes
  • More than 70% of English and Math Class Sections use free textbooks
  • Because many intro courses are NOLO, it’s possible to have an entire NOLO semester, with classes such as: English 101, History 101, Psychology 101, Humanities 101, & Stats 101 

Laptop Lending Program

As many NOLO resources are digital, NCC set up a laptop lending program for students to check out laptops from IT for up to one semester at a time. 

Additionally, the Walter Peterson Library at NCC has short-term laptop loans for up to a week at a time.