The Wellness Center at NCC

NCC’s 40,000 square foot Wellness Center building houses a full- size gymnasium, suspended walking track, gaming room , fitness center, fully equipped locker rooms, a dining hall, conference room, and lounge space. This is all open to all NCC students, faculty, and staff.

Fitness Center

The NCC Fitness Center is a welcoming and comfortable space for everyone in the campus community to create and maintain healthy habits and an active lifestyle. Whether you are just starting out on your new fitness journey, or just need to squeeze in a quick workout between classes, the Fitness Center is the perfect place to visit. Our friendly and welcoming staff are ready to help you out with any questions you may have, or even to provide a spot if you need it! We are located in Room 201 of the Wellness Center building, just above the café.

No matter what your goals may be for your health and fitness, the Fitness Center is the place to work on those goals! We have a range of equipment to fit different workout styles, including:

  • Free weights
    • Dumbbells ranging from 5 – 80lbs
    • A free weight squat rack with a Rogue Fitness Bar, as well as enough plates for even the
      strongest of us!
  • A full circuit of Cybex strength machines to hit all the major muscle groups
  • A cable pulley system Perform Better Kettlebells ranging from 4kg to 28kg (8.8 – 61.7lbs)
  • Perform Better Battle Ropes
  • Cardio Equipment including treadmills, bikes, arc trainers, and a rowing machine
  • Walking track attached to the fitness center, suspend
    ed above the gymnasium