Self Study  Canvas Sign-in NCC Nursing Self Study Report
 Site Visit Agenda/Schedule  Final Agenda for ACEN Virtual Site Visit
 NCC Nursing Direct Canvas Link
 Campus Map

NCC Campus Map

Campus Video Tour

Supporting DocumentsStandard One:Mission and Administrative Capacity
 College Catalog  NCC 2020-2021 Catalog
 Employee Manual  NCC Employee Handbook
 Nursing Faculty Handbook  Canvas Sign-In  NCC Nursing Faculty Handbook 2020-2021
 Nursing Student Handbook  NCC Nursing Student Handbook 2020-2021
 CCSNH Governance and Policies  CCSNH Policies 
 CCSNH Organizational Chart  CCSNH Organizational Chart
 NCC Organizational Chart

  NCC Organizational Chart 

  NCC Academic Organizational Chart  

 NCC Faculty Handbook  NCC Faculty Handbook 
 NCC Adjunct Faculty Handbook  NCC Adjunct Faculty Handbook
 NCC Student Handbook  NCC 2019-2020 Student Handbook
 Dept. Nursing Organizational Chart  NCC Nursing Organizational Chart

  Staff CBA 2020-2021

  Full-time Faculty CBA 2020-2021

  Adjunct Faculty CBA 2017-2019

 NH Board of Nursing Annual Reports

   2017-2018 NH BON Annual Report

   2018-2019 NH BON Annual Report

   2019-2020 NH BON Annual Report


 NCC Accreditation Reports

NECHE Progress Report Fall 2020

 ACEN Annual Reports

  Canvas Sign-In  ACEN 2017 Annual Report

  Canvas Sign-In  ACEN 2018 Annual Report

  Canvas Sign-In  ACEN 2019 Annual Report

 NCC Strategic Plan  NCC Strategic Plan 2019-2023
 Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

2017 NCC Nursing Advisory Board Minutes

2018 NCC Nursing Advisory Board Minutes

2019 NCC Nursing Advisory Board Minutes

Advisory Board Letter Spring 2020

 Public Documents

  NCC Nursing Information Session Packet

  Nursing Info Session PPT

  NCC Nursing Pathway Flyer

NCC 2020-2021 Catalog

 Academic Calendar  2020-2021 Academic Calendar
 Tuition, Fees, and Other Costs

  Tuition & Fees Web

  2020-2021 Expenses-Catalog

 Title IV Compliance  Affirmation of Title IV Compliance
 Nursing Job Description

  Interim Nursing Director Job Description

  Department Chair CBA

Supporting DocumentsStandard Two: Faculty & Staff
 Nursing Role Position Descriptions

  CC Professor

  NCC Nursing Level Coordinator

  NCC Nursing Adjunct Faculty

  NCC Nursing Adjunct Simulation Lab

 Nursing Department Secretary

 Faculty Profile Table  NCC Nursing Faculty Profile Table
 Professional Development Plan  NCC Individual Professional Development Plan
 Faculty Resources  Canvas & Zoom Training
 Assignments and Workload  Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Faculty Assignments 8 30 20
 Faculty Performance Evaluation   NCC FT Faculty Performance Evaluation Form
 Nursing Department Meeting Minutes

  Canvas Sign-in   2017 Nursing Department Faculty Meeting Minutes

  Canvas Sign-in  2018 Nursing Department Faculty Meeting Minutes

  Canvas Sign-in  2019 Nursing Department Faculty Meeting Minutes

  Canvas Sign-in  2020 Nursing Department Faculty Meeting Minutes

 Freshman Level Meeting Minutes

   Canvas Sign-in  2017 Freshman Level Meeting Minutes

   Canvas Sign-in  2018 Freshman Level Meeting Minutes

   Canvas Sign-in  2019 Freshman Level Meeting Minutes

   Canvas Sign-in  2020 Freshman Level Meeting Minutes

 Senior Level Meeting Minutes

  Canvas Sign-in  2017 Senior Level Meeting Minutes

  Canvas Sign-in  2018 Senior Level Meeting Minutes

  Canvas Sign-in  2019 Senior Level Meeting Minutes

  Canvas Sign-in  2020 Senior Level Meeting Minutes

Supporting DocumentsStandard Three: Students
 Default Rates  NCC Default Rates
 Student Demographics
  NCC Nursing Student Demographics 2018-2020
 Nursing – Admissions  NCC Nursing Admissions Information
 Advertising and Recruiting Materials

  Nursing Info Packet

  NCC Web Site

  Nursing Program Video Testimonial

 Financial Aid Options

 Financial Aid-Web

 Financial Aid-2020-2021 Catalog

 Financial Aid Forms

 CCSNH Financial Aid Links    Financial Aid Helpful Links
 Loan Programs    Alternative Loans for Parents & Students
 Lender Code of Conduct   CCSNH Lender Practices & Code of Conduct
 Financial Management   Grade Ready Provided by NCC
 Nursing Reference Forms   Reference Forms
 Financial Aid Handbook   CCSNH Financial Aid Handbook
 Online Learners Handbook   NCC Student Success Handbook For Online Learners
 CCSNH Online Learning   Online Learning
 Academic Policies

Academic Policies–WEB

Academic Requirements and Policies–CATALOG

 Consumer Information

  NCC Consumer Information – Web

  Consumer Information

 Title IV Compliance
  Affirmation of Title IV Compliance
 Faculty Student Communication Team

  2017 FAST Meeting Minutes

  2018 FAST Meeting Minutes

  2019 FAST Meeting Minutes

 NCC Student Life Newsletter  Canvas Sign-In  Student Life Newsletter 9.21-9.26.2020
Supporting DocumentsStandard Four: Curriculum
 Curriculum Map

NCC Nursing Curriculum Map

Program Description

RN to BSN Pathway

 Articulation Agreements   NCC Articulation Agreements
 Class, Lab, Clinical Schedules      Fall 2020 Schedules
 Clinical Contracts   Clinic Affiliation Contract
 Student Nurse Association Minutes

   Canvas Sign-In  2017 Nightingale Meeting Minutes

   Canvas Sign-In  2018 Nightingale Meeting Minutes

   Canvas Sign-In  2019 Nightingale Meeting Minutes

  Curriculum Plan Adaptations due to COVID-19

   Curriculum Plan Revision NURS140N 2020 COVID-19

   Curriculum Plan Revision NURS240N 2020 COVID-19

 Course Syllabi

   Spring 2020 NURS140     

   Spring 2020 NURS240

   Summer 2020 NURS230

   Fall 2020 NURS125     

   Fall 2020 NURS220

 Nursing Lecture

   Canvas Sign-In   NURS220N Respiratory Part 1 Lecture

   Canvas Sign-In   NURS 125N Health Assessment Lecture

 Nursing Lab   Canvas Sign-In   Week 7, Nutrition Lab
 Clinical Evaluation Tools

   NURS125 Clinical Evaluation Tool

   NURS220 Clinical Evaluation Tool

   NURS140 Clinical Evaluation Tool

   NURS240 Clinical Evaluation Tool

 Sample Case Studies  Nursing Canvas Course Shells
 Sample Students Assignments

  Nursing Canvas Course Shells

  Canvas Sign-In    2020 NCC Nursing Capstone Flyer

  2020 NCC Nursing Capstone Website

 Textbooks  NCC Nursing Textbooks 2020-2022
 Simulation  Simulation Laboratory Policy
 ATI Resources


ATI Exam Policy 

Supporting DocumentsStandard Five: Resources
 NCC Budget Reports  NCC Budget 2017-2021
 Dept. Nursing Budget Report  FY-21 Nursing Budget Awaiting Final Approval
 Financials FY17, FY18, FY19

   Nursing Financials FY17-19

   Automotive Financials FY17-19

  Professional Development
   NCC Individual Professional Development Plan
 Nursing Grades    Nursing Grades By Gender & Age AY 18-19 & 19-20
 Current List of Equipment   Canvas Sign-In  Nursing Equipment
 Needed List of Equipment   COVID Supplies
 Library Documents
 Learning Resources, Computer Labs   NCC Learning Resources
 CCSSE Survey Report 2017   Community College Survey of Student Engagement 2017
 Description of all Physical Resources   Nursing Department Floor Plan & Photos
 Audit Communication    CCSNH FY19 Audit Communication Letter
 Audited Financial Statements   CCSNH FY19 Audited Financial Statements
Supporting DocumentsStandard Six: Outcomes
 Retention/Completion Rates  NCC Nursing Retention/Completion Rates
 NCLEX-RN Pass Rate & Employment (3yrs)  NCLEX Pass Rates, Licensure, & Employment 2017-2019
 Students Pursuing BS/MS & Where  Nursing Transfers
 Nursing Dept. Systematic Evaluation Plan  Systematic Evaluation Plan 2019-2021
 Program Evaluation

  Program Evaluation Excerpts from Faculty Meetings 2017-2020

  2018 Program Evaluation Meeting Minutes

  2019 Program Evaluation End of Year Meeting Minutes

  2020 Program Evaluation End of Year Meeting Minutes

 Student Evaluations Forms

  Clinical Site Evaluation Form

  Course Evaluation Form

  Faculty Evaluation Form

  End of Program Evaluation Form

 Student Satisfaction

  2019-2020 Freshman Nursing Course Evaluation Results

2019-2020 Senior Nursing Course Evaluation Results

2019-2020 Freshman Nursing Clinical Results

  2019-2020 Senior Nursing Clinical Results

  2020 End of Program Evaluation Results

  NURS230 Course & Faculty Summer 2020 Evaluation

 DOD Corrective Action     NCC Return of TA Funds Policy