Transportation Career
Open House: July 20, 2-6pm

Transportation Technology Open House RSVP

Transportation Technology Open House RSVP

If you’re seeking opportunity, portability, job security, and earning potential, a technical career can open doors just as well or better than any other path.

Industry & Transportation

Skilled trades professions like civil engineering, electrical technology, HVAC and many more are among the most in-demand careers in New Hampshire. Professions like these, as well as automotive, marine and aviation technology, offer hands-on learning and attainment of an increasing array of technical skills that prepare students for rewarding professions.

The demand for qualified transportation technologies professionals continues to grow, and with the right training and credentials, the sky is the limit.

Nashua Community College will provide you with the education and skills needed to begin a successful career in the Automotive or Aviation maintenance industries, while also helping to build the foundation for transfer into a related bachelor’s degree program.

“Students completing the training in any of our Transportation Technology Programs are prepared to begin their career! It also gives them options; such as continuing their education and career advancement. There are so many opportunities in this industry.”
- Professor Karl Wunderlich

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