Finals Week Schedule 
Important Reminders: 

  • As noted on the finals week schedule, there will be only one scheduled meeting for daytime classes during the week of Dec. 12.
  • Not listed on the schedule: online, evening, and Saturday classes. Online finals will be due per the instructor’s syllabus. Evening and Saturday finals will be given during the last class meeting the week of Dec. 12 to Dec. 17.
  • Time for final exams is included as part of the instructional time for a course. Instructors who do not plan to give a written and/or practical exam during the scheduled final exam time, will use the time for instructional activity (e.g., final presentations, final course reflections, etc.).
  • Friday, Dec. 16 will be the make-up day in case of any weather-related cancellations.
  • Final grades should be posted on SIS no later than Monday, Dec. 19th at 10 am.