November 16, 2023

Training has maintained high job placement rate since 1st class

NASHUA – The Microelectronics Boot Camp, a 10-week hands-on career training at Nashua Community College, celebrated its 30th graduation Thursday, Nov. 16 with 8 new graduates.


“The Microelectronics program is one of the most unique programs that I have encountered. It has taken on a life of its own. This is due to the students and industry that has supported it,” said Jon Mason, director of Workforce Development at NCC. Mason thanked the students and their support network, industry partners, alumni, and community organizations such as MY TURN and the Front Door Agency, which together make the training possible.

“The skills you have learned in the past 10 weeks will serve you in any endeavor you choose to pursue,” said Lucille Jordan, president of NCC. Jordan addressed the graduates, and welcomed Senator Kelly Ayotte, who was an early supporter of the boot camp and spoke at the first graduation in 2016.

“Lives are literally on the line with the work you are doing,” said Ayotte, who also now chairs the Board of Directors for BAE Systems, “Some of these microelectronics go into our most advanced fighter jets.”

The Microelectronics Boot Camp was founded in 2016 in partnership with BAE Systems to prepare students for entry-level careers in wire/ribbon bonding and die attach for microelectronic components in manufacturing.

Butch Locke, Strategic Operations Director at BAE Systems, was part of the BAE team that developed the boot camp training, along with Kim Cadorette, Retired-Vice President of Operations. “We were on to something special, and 7 years later and 30 cohorts with a 98 percent job placement rate; that’s a success.”

Locke advised graduates to try and make a difference, “you will have these times when you’ll be asked to do a little bit more, I invite you to raise your hand.”    

Boot camp instructor Jim Flis has led the class for the past 5 years, and said this group worked hard to master the curriculum and build strong relationships with their peers over the past 10 weeks, “I’d like to congratulate each of you for the vision to take this leap.”

Student speaker Rose Ann Surette said while they started out nervous, they’re now ready to begin the next chapter. “Look at us now, confident and ready to get into the field and start building our careers. We all worked hard to get to this day, and our work did not go to waste.”

Graduates of the 30th Microelectronics Boot Camp: Nathaniel Bult, Hannah Cyganowski, Shannon Dionne, Michael Haney, Robert Mullen, Skye Machampassak, Karen Nguyen, Rose Ann Surette

Alumni speaker Michael Magliozzi from the 8th graduating class shared that since he graduated 5 years ago, he’s earned his electronic engineering technology associate degree from NCC, and is now 42 days away from earning his bachelor’s in engineering from UNH Manchester. All while working at BAE Systems. “Everyone here has the same opportunities to advance through school and in your career.”

Lastly, President Jordan announced the Microelectronics Boot Camp program is a Bellwether Award Finalist in the category of Workforce Development.

This February, NCC will present with community colleges from around the U.S. in the final round of the Bellwether Award competition in San Antonio, Texas. A total of 30 Bellwether Finalists will compete for the 2024 Bellwether Award at the 30th Annual Community College Futures Assembly (CCFA).


About the Boot Camp

The Microelectronics Boot Camp was developed in partnership with BAE Systems to address the shortage of skilled candidates in microelectronics manufacturing. NCC also works closely with industry partners such as Draper Labs, Microsembly, Mercury Systems, L3 Harris Technologies, API Technology, MACOM, MIT Lincoln Labs, Lockheed Martin, Monzite, and more. As a founding partner, all program graduates have the opportunity to interview with BAE Systems.

Boot Camp students have ranged in age from recent high school graduates to professionals in their 60s, including veterans and workers from other industries seeking a career change. Students are frequently supported by community partners including WIOA, the Front Door Agency, and MY TURN, INC. Alumni also return to mentor each new generation of students both on campus and in the workplace.

Microelectronics Boot Camps enroll throughout the year. Sessions are 10 weeks at 40 hours per week for $5,500 per student. The boot camp is WIOA eligible. To learn more or enroll, contact Jon Mason at [email protected], or 603.578.8900 x1763.

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