BIOL270N : Advanced Topics in Biology

UNH Transfer Preference 

BIOL205N, BIOL207N and BIOL202N will satisfy this requirement

Advanced Topics in Biology will rotate through different upper-level science courses per semester, and may include endocrinology, biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, or other topics. This course is designed to increase students' scientific knowledge, hone organizational techniques, advance analytical reasoning and enhance critical thinking skills. Students will have the opportunity to apply basic theories and skills learned in their previous science courses to collect data from scientific databases, assess quality of the cited research, and design analytic rubrics while learning the more in-depth language and content of an upper-level course. In addition to classroom instruction, students will work individually under the supervising faculty member to synthesize information from various current sources with their theoretical knowledge into a final project paper. Laboratory experiences may be added to increase student understanding of the scientific techniques being used in current literature. Students may be asked to present their research to the college community. Laboratory: Any laboratory experience will be project-based and not research based. Emphasis will be on development of technical skills, understanding results from new techniques and applying previous knowledge to problem-solving.


BIOL108N or BIOL230N and CHEM130N.




3.0 - 4