Cybersecurity Networking

The Certificate in Cybersecurity Networking is designed to provide students with networking skills focused on network security. It prepares students for entry-level positions as Network Security Specialists or Incident Responders. Students will be able to set up and administer basic computer network systems and secure them against outside intrusion. Students will be presented with materials necessary for Cisco CCNA, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Linux+ and AWS Cloud Practitioner certifications.

Upon completion of this certificate program students will be able to:

  1. Set up basic network security.
  2. Monitor for signs of intrusion and handle incident responses.
  3. Perform configuration on basic network devices for wired and wireless networks.
  4. Perform basic system administration including management of system accounts for Windows and Linux.
  5. Describe the function of the major AWS services and use the AWS console for basic configuration tasks.
  6. Apply critical thinking skills in order to resolve troubleshooting and security issues.