Early College

Early College

Early College pathways enables students to jump start their college education by earning college-level credits during their high school years. Students are integrated into regular college classes on the NCC campus or online. With guidance from Nashua Community College advisers, students select courses from the general education program or take a sequence of courses in a particular curriculum.

Earn College Credit

Apply the credits towards a degree at NCC or transfer earned credits to another college. The credit you earn now will wait for you. If your high school allows, you may be able to use the credits to fulfill high school requirements and college requirements simultaneously.*

Start College Now

Complete highly transferable courses that most college degree programs require. Explore a course in a major you are seriously considering for your future.

Get The Competitive Edge

College coursework stands out on a freshman college application and demonstrates that you have challenged yourself academically.

Save Time

Early College may compress the time it takes to complete high school and the first two years of college.

Save Money

Earn college credits at a fraction of the cost of a four-year university. NCC’s in-state tuition rate is only $250 per course.

Public school, private school and homeschool students are welcome to contact the NCC Admissions Office for more information at 603-578-8908.

*The award of high school credit for college coursework is arranged through a students’ school and does not involve the college. Please see your high school guidance counselor for pre-approval of dual-enrollment credit.