Frequently Asked Questions:

Students interested in the ALL program can currently enroll in the following programs:

  1. Business Administration: Management
  2. Psychology

Data Analytics Certificate

Stay tuned for more programs to come in the future!

ALL is a great program for any student who is motivated and eager to learn.

NCC has the resources to help you succeed such as free academic assistance through tutoring services.  Tutoring sessions are held with NCC professors who teach the courses that you are taking.  Don’t wait until you are struggling or have a low grade in a course to ask for help.

If you are having a hard time understanding a concept, or just have a question about an assignment; reach out to your instructors. They are there to help!

ALL students enroll in evening, online, or Saturday courses. The ALL program is structured around a 9-5 work schedule, so students have the flexibility to work during business hours and attend college full time.

Classes can be face-to-face, hybrid (in-person and online) and fully online format.

Classes are 8-weeks in length

​The program is designed for you to take 2 classes at a time while still taking 4 courses every semester.

Every class is on a platform known as CANVAS. To be the most successful in your courses, it is critical that you have access to a computer/laptop to do your school work. It is important that you are comfortable with programs such as Microsoft Office which include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

If you don’t have your own laptop, you can always request a laptop loan from the NCC IT department.

ALL students complete assignments in the evenings, and on weekends. Please note that while you are only taking two classes every 8-weeks, the courses are accelerated to fit a full 15-week term into 8 weeks.

Absolutely! However, you will want to keep in mind that this will mean more work and more time dedicated to studying. Keep in mind other responsibilities that you have and may be juggling and meet with the ALL program Coordinator to determine if adding a course would be the right step for you!

If you are using financial aid for your studies or have set up a payment plan, you will want to consider the added cost. Please check with the financial aid and business offices to see how this may impact your financial status.

Completed prior coursework or prior learning experiences may count toward a class for ALL. Please meet with the ALL program coordinator to go over your program plan and map out what classes you need to finish graduation requirements.

If you have previously taken college level courses or have prior learning experience that counts as an NCC course; you may have a “space” in your program plan during one of your ALL terms. If this happens, you can choose to:

Only take one course during that 8-week term and give yourself a break from taking two courses.

Look at the other courses required as part of your program plan and see if any of them are being offered during the term that you have a “space” in your schedule. Keep in mind, a course may be offered as a 15-week rather than an 8-week if it is not an ALL class, so you may be taking 3-courses at once rather than two at a time, if it falls into your other 8-week term.

If you take the Accuplacer test and place into the co-requisite courses for Math and/or English, the ALL program coordinator will work with you to determine your next steps. Your other option would be to prepare more to take the test and see if you place directly into the math and English courses without a required co-requisite course.


To learn more about how to prepare for Accuplacer or to re-take the test, you can use this link:

ALL students have the same financial aid and payment plan options available to them as any NCC student.

If you plan to apply for financial aid, please refer to the financial aid page on the NCC website:

If you would like to set up a payment plan, please visit:

Textbooks are required for most NCC courses. NCC does offer Open Educational Resources and NoLo (No and Low Cost) Textbooks for some of our courses – meaning textbooks may be free or less than $40. Once you are registered for your courses, you will be able to login to your Student Information System and see if your courses are NoLo.