Supporting Documents 

Background Information

 A. Contact Information
 B. Program History
 C. Options
 D. Program Delivery Modes
 E. Program Locations
 F. Public Disclosure
 G. Deficiencies, Weaknesses or Concerns from Previous Evaluation(s) and the Actions Taken to Address Them

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 1: Students

 A. Student Admissions
 B. Evaluating Student Performance
 C. Transfer Students and Transfer Courses
 D. Advising and Career Guidance
 E. Work in Lieu of Courses
 F. Graduation Requirements
 G. Records of Student Work/Transcripts
Student Transcripts

AY 2021-2022

AY 2020-2021

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 2: Program Educational Objectives

 A. Mission Statement
 B. Program Educational Objectives
 C. Consistency of the Program Educational Objectives with the Mission of the Institution
  D. Program Constituencies
 E. Process for Review of the Program Educational Objectives

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 3: Student Outcomes

 A. Process for the Establishment and Revision of the Student Outcomes
 B. Student Outcomes
 C. Mapping of Student Outcomes to Criterion 3 Requirements for Student Outcomes

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 4: Continuous Improvement

 A. Documentation of Processes
 B. Student Outcome Assessment and Methods
 C. Assessment Schedule and Frequency
 D. Evaluation
 E. Using Results of Assessment and Evaluation for Continuous Improvement Actions
 F. Using Other Input for Continuous Improvement

Supporting  Documents

 Criterion 5: Curriculum

 A. Program Curriculum
  B. Course Syllabi
Program Required Courses Full SyllabiFirst Year Fall Semester  (PDF)
First-Year Spring Semester (PDF)
Second Year Fall Semester (PDF)
Second Year Spring Semester A (PDF)
Second Year Spring Semester B (PDF)
 C. Advisory Committee
MembersEET Advisory Board
Meeting Agenda5/2022 PPT Agenda
Meeting Minutes5/9/22 Meeting Minutes

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 6: Faculty

 A. Faculty Qualifications
 B. Faculty Workload
Work Load LettersFull-Time Faculty Workload (PDF)
 C. Faculty Size
 D. Professional Development
 E. Authority and Responsibility of Faculty

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 7: Facilities

 A. Offices, Classrooms and Laboratories
Renovation Blueprint EET Renovation (PDF)
 B. Computing Resources
 C. Guidance
 D. Maintenance and Upgrading of Facilities
 E. Library Services
 F. Overall Comments on Facilities

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 8: Institutional Support 

 A. Leadership
NCC EET Organizational ChartElectronic Engineering Technology (PDF)
 C. Staffing
  D. Faculty Hiring and Retention
 E. Support of Faculty Professional Development
Professional Development Hughes (PDF)
 Additional Documents
Weekly Budget Report5.23.22 EET Budget Report 
Degree WorksStudent Sample