Supporting Documents 

Background Information

 A. Contact Information
 B. Program History
 C. Options
 D. Program Delivery Modes
Class Schedule                    AY 2021-20222021-2022 Fall & Spring Classes
 E. Program Locations
 F. Public Disclosure
Program Education Objectives & Student Outcomes

NCC Website     

NCC Catalog

 G. Deficiencies, Weaknesses or Concerns from Previous Evaluation(s) and the Actions Taken to Address Them

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 1: Students

 A. Student Admissions
Web PageNCC Admissions
PlacementNCC Class Placement
Technical RequirementsElectronic Engineering Technical Standards
 B. Evaluating Student Performance
Degree WorksStudent Sample
 C. Transfer Students and Transfer Courses
Transfer OptionsNCC Transfer Options
FormTransfer Request Form
 D. Advising and Career Guidance

Advising Center     Career Counseling Tools

 E. Work in Lieu of Courses
Running StartNCC Running Start Program
 F. Graduation Requirements
Intent To GraduateIntent To Graduate 21-22
 G. Records of Student Work/Transcripts
Student Transcripts

AY 2021-2022      AY 2020-2021

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 2: Program Educational Objectives

 A. Mission Statement
Mission StatementNCC Website      NCC Catalog
 B. Program Educational Objectives
EET ObjectivesNCC Website    NCC Catalog
 C. Consistency of the Program Educational Objectives with the Mission of the Institution
  D. Program Constituencies
Advisory BoardEET Advisory Board
 E. Process for Review of the Program Educational Objectives

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 3: Student Outcomes

 A. Process for the Establishment and Revision of the Student Outcomes

Proposal Process      NCC Curriculum Procedures

 B. Student Outcomes
 NCC Website      NCC Catalog
 C. Mapping of Student Outcomes to Criterion 3 Requirements for Student Outcomes
POL Outcome MappingEET 05.31.22         EET 01.04.18

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 4: Continuous Improvement

 A. Documentation of Processes
Advisory Board5/9/22 Meeting Minutes

B. Student Outcome Assessment and Methods

Improve ReportsEET Student Program Outcomes    ELET115N Course Report       ELET121N Course Report      ELET131N Course Report                  ELET132N Course Report        ELET141N Course Report    ELET221N Course Report      ELET241N Course Report                               ELET245N Course Report        ELET250N Course Report     ELET274N Course Report
Exit SurveyEET Exit Survey 2022
 C. Assessment Schedule and Frequency
 D. Evaluation
 E. Using Results of Assessment and Evaluation for Continuous Improvement Actions

Supporting  Documents

 Criterion 5: Curriculum

 A. Program Curriculum
EET Course OutlinesCourse Outlines
Academic Support Course OutlinesSupport Units Course Outlines
Capstone Example

Activities Flow Chart

Student 1 Final Report         Student 2 Final Report

Department Meeting Minutes5.31.22      6.14.22       6.16.22
  B. Course Syllabi
Program Required Courses Full SyllabiFirst Year Fall Semester  (PDF)
First-Year Spring Semester (PDF)
Second Year Fall Semester (PDF)
Second Year Spring Semester A (PDF)
Second Year Spring Semester B (PDF)
 C. Advisory Committee
MembersEET Advisory Board
Meeting Agenda5/2022 PPT Agenda
Meeting Minutes5/9/22 Meeting Minutes

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 6: Faculty

 A. Faculty Qualifications
Faculty ResumesS Hughes     J Hewin    J Noon    A Hammond
 B. Faculty Workload
Work Load LettersFull-Time Faculty Workload (PDF)
 C. Faculty Size
AY 2021-20222021-2022 Fall & Spring Classes
 D. Professional Development
Web InformationNCC Human Resources   6th Heading
PolicyCCSNH Professional Development Policy
 E. Authority and Responsibility of Faculty

Proposal Process     NCC Curriculum Procedures

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 7: Facilities

 A. Offices, Classrooms and Laboratories
 B. Computing Resources
 C. Guidance
 D. Maintenance and Upgrading of Facilities
Renovation BlueprintEET Renovation     STEM Project Renderings
 E. Library Services
LibraryNCC Library Website
 F. Overall Comments on Facilities

Supporting  Documents

Criterion 8: Institutional Support 

 A. Leadership
NCC EET Organizational ChartElectronic Engineering Technology (PDF)
 B. Program Budget and Financial Support
Budget ProcessNCC AY22-23 Budget Process
Weekly Budget Report5.23.22 EET Budget Report 
 C. Staffing
  D. Faculty Hiring and Retention
CareersNCC Careers Website 
 E. Support of Faculty Professional Development
Web InformationNCC Human Resources   6th Heading
PolicyCCSNH Professional Development Policy
Professional Development Hughes (PDF)
 Additional Documents
Academic Program PlanEET 2020-2023 Program Plan
Self StudyNCC 2022 ABET Self Study