Supporting Documents 

Standard One: Purpose

1.1 Employment Potential
 Annual Employer Survey 2020 NCC Collision Repair Employer Survey
 Survey Summary of Results 2020 NCC Collision Repair Employer Survey Results
1.2Program Description/Goals
 Web Site

 Collision Repair Day Program

 Collision Repair Certificate

 Catalog NCC Catalog 2021-2022
 Brochures Admissions General Checklist
 Employment Potential & Wages Career Coach – Search “Collision or Auto Body”
 Tuition 2021-2022 Catalog Tuition & Fees
 Faculty Technical Qualifications Faculty Credentials
 Reference Materials Technical Standards – Catalog Section 2
Supporting  Documents

Standard Two: Administration

2.1 Student Competency Accreditation
 Certificate, Diploma, Transcript Examples

Sample Certificate

Sample Diploma

Sample Transcript

 Degree Plan

NCC Website

NCC Catalog 2021-2022

2.2Chain of Command
 NCC Organizational Chart

  NCC Organization Chart

  NCC Academic Organizational Chart

 NCC Program Contact Information  Faculty Contact- Web Choose Automotive Technology from Faculty/Dept. dropdown box
2.3Administrative Support
 Administration Letter of Support  NCC Letter of Support
 Professional Development

  Staff Handbook

  Faculty Handbook

  NCC Web Site   Scroll Quarter Way Down Page

 Curriculum   Curriculum Committee Procedure
 Budget Preparation   Budget Process
2.4Written Policies
 Student Handbook  NCC Student Handbook 2021-2022
 Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook

Staff Handbook

  Written Policies  Faculty & Shop Policies
  Emergency Operations Plan  NCC Emergency Operations Plan
2.5Customer Vehicles
 Vehicle Work Order
  Customer Vehicle Work Order
 Invoice  NCC Invoice
 System Policy  Student Training
2.6Legal Requirements
 Policies & Procedures  Legal Requirements
2.7First Aid
 First Aid Policy Emergency Response Guidebook-Major Medical
Supporting  Documents

Standard Three: Learning Resources

3.1Service Information
 On-line Service Information
 Technology Listing Multimedia List
 List & Location  Periodicals
 Examples  In Visiting Team Workroom
3.4Student Resources
 Textbooks  NCC Collision Repair Textbooks
Supporting  Documents

Standard Four: Finances

 Process NCC 2020-2021 Budget Process
 Advisory Committee Minutes February 2020       November 2020         April 2021
 Budget Requests FY21 Collision Budget Request
 Weekly Report Example
 Collision Budget Report 1.27.20
Supporting  Documents

Standard Five: Student Services

5.1Student Services
 Skills Assessment Policy  NCC Accuplacer Testing Website
 Skills Assessment Sample  Accuplacer Sample Quantitative Reasoning
 Program Explanatory Material  Admissions General Education Requirements  #3 at top of page
 Student Services

NCC Student Services – Web

NCC Student Services – Catalog

5.2Pre-Admission Counseling
 Web Site Academic Advising
 Catalog NCC Catalog 2021-2022 2nd Heading
 Student Handbook NCC Student Handbook 2021-2022
 Other Materials Career Coach


Academic Advising

NCC College Central

 Employment  2015-2019 Graduate Employment
5.4Annual Graduate Follow-Up
 Graduate Survey
  NCC 2015-2019 Graduate Survey
 Use of Results & Example  Program Improvements
Supporting  Documents

Standard Six: Advisory Committee

 Members & Affiliation  Advisory Board Members
 Meeting Minutes

  February 2020      November 2020      April 2021

  Meeting Sign-In Sheet Blank

6.2Review of Budgeted Funds
 Meeting Minutes

  Advisory Board February 2020

  Advisory Board November 2020

  Advisory Board April 2021

 Budget Documents  Budget Worksheet
6.3Annual Graduate Follow-Up
 Sample Data  Graduate Data
 Meeting Minutes  Advisory Board November 2020      Advisory Board April 2021
6.4Review of Curriculum
 Meeting Minutes  Advisory Board February 2020        Advisory Board April 2021
6.5Evaluation of Instruction, Tools, Equipment, And Facilities
 Meeting Minutes

  Advisory Board February 2020     Advisory Board November 2020

 Advisory Board April 2021

Supporting  Documents

Standard Seven: Instruction

 Course Outline

  Collision Repair Program Map-Catalog

  Collision Repair Program Map-Web  Scroll half way down page

 Brochure   Collision Repair Flyer
7.2Student Training Plan
 Training Plan/Advising Sheet  DegreeWorks Student Example
7.3Preparation Time
 Master Course Schedule

  Fall 2020 Course Schedule

  Spring 2021 Course Schedule

 Instructor Office hours

 Teaching Schedule/Office Hours Fall 2020

  Teaching Schedule/Office Hours Spring 2021 

7.4Teaching Load
 Enrollment Sheets/Training Stations
 Enrollment & Stations
 Tool Inventory/Location Tool Inventory

  OSHA & EPA Regulations

  Fall  101  102  105  210  211  235

  Spring  125  135  140  151  201  225  230  245 

 S/P2 Online Training
  OSHA-EPA Online Training
 Job Sheets  Student Task Sheet Blank      Complete
 Work/Part Order Form Samples  Mitchell Work/Parts Order Form
7.6Student Progress
 Policy Student Handbook
  Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
 Policy Catalog  Satisfactory Student Progress Policy
 Task List
  F19 Task Tracker
 Student Grades

  CRTN102N      CRTN230N

  Overall Grades Fall 2019 – Fall 2020

7.7Performance Standards
 Live Work Policy  Live Work Policy
 Task Sheet/Measurement Tools  Pre-Inspection Task Sheet
 Evaluation Criteria  Lab Evaluation Sheet
 Student Progress Chart/Task Sheet
  F19 Task Tracker
 Syllabus  Course Grading
7.8Safety Standards
 Course of Study

 OSHA-EPA Regulations Online Training

 Syllabus Highlighted

 Safety Test Sample Test Sample
7.9Personal Standards
 Instructional Materials Course Syllabi
 Class, Lab, Shop Rules Industry & Transportation Shop Policies
7.10Work Habits/Ethics
 Attendance Policy Student Handbook NCC Student Handbook 2021-2022
 Attendance Policy Course Catalog
 NCC Catalog 2021-2022
 Syllabus Syllabus  
7.11Provisions for Individual Differences
 ADA, Equipment Modification, Differential Instruction Information   See Reasonable Accommodations Plan 
 Example of Individual Education Plan (IEP)   NCC Reasonable Accommodation Plan (RAP)
 Reference Materials

  Disability Services-Web

  Disability Services-Catalog Under Academic Success Center

Disability Services Student Handbook

7.12Related Instruction
 Syllabi Examples  Related Course Syllabi
 Instructor Teaching Credentials  Related Course Instructor Credentials
 Reference Materials

  CCSNH Job Description & Qualifications Policy

  CCSNH Generic Qualifications/Credentials

 Written Test Samples  Quizzes & Exams
 Sample Job Sheets  Sample Work Order
 Rating Scale Used  Grading
 ASE Testing Material  Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Testing Information
7.14Evaluation of Instruction
 Program Evaluation Policy  CCSNH Program Evaluation Policy
 Program Plan   2020-2023 Collision Program Plan
 Sample Evaluation Forms

   Course Evaluation Form

Adjunct Faculty Evaluation Form

   Full-time Faculty Evaluation Form

7.15On-Vehicle Service and Repair Work
 Live Work Policy Live Work Policy
 Task Sheets Technician Worksheet
 Repair Orders Repair Order
 Sample Work Order/Invoice

 Sample Work Order


 Articulation Agreement

  Sample NCC Articulation Agreement 

  Running Start Memo of Understanding

Supporting  Documents

Standard Eight: Equipment

 Visual InspectionVisual Inspection
8.2Quantity & Quality
 Tool Inventory  Tool & Equipment Inventory
8.3Consumable Supplies
 Inventory Sheets 
 Replenishment Procedure 
8.4Preventive Maintenance
 Preventive Maintenance Schedule  Preventative Maintenance Schedule
 Lift Inspection  NCC 2020 Automotive Lift Inspections   See Karl
 Annual Review Process  4/2021 Advisory Board Meeting  11/2021 Advisory Board Meeting
 Annual Survey Example 
8.6Tool Inventory and Distribution
 Inventory List  Tool & Equipment Inventory
 Distribution ProcessNot Applicable
8.7Parts Purchasing
 Purchasing Procedure  Parts Purchasing & PO
8.8Hand Tools

 Tool Requirement NCC Web Site

Tool Requirement NCC Catalog  #3 half way down left column


 Vendor lists & Visits  NCC Tool Day ad/Postcard 2019
Supporting  Documents

Standard Nine: Facilities

9.1Training Stations
 Class Sizes/Course  Class Size by Course
 Learning Spaces  Floor Plan Square Footage
 Safety Inspection Schedule   Safety Inspection Schedule
9.3Emergency Maintenance & Repair
 Policy & Procedures  Emergency Repair Policy
 Visual InspectionVisual Inspection
9.5Office Space
 Floor Plan  Floor Plan
9.6Instructional Area
 Floor Plan  Floor Plan
 Floor Plan Floor Plan
9.8Support Facilities
 Floor Plan  Floor Plan
 Visual InspectionVisual Inspection
9.10First Aid
 Policy  Emergency Response Guidebook-Major Medical
Supporting  Documents

Standard Ten: Instructional Staff

10.1Technical Competency
 Instructor Credentials

 Instructor Credentials

 Instructors ASE Certification

10.2Instructional Competency/Certification
 Instructors’  Certificates

 Karl Wunderlich   See Karl

 Randy Biggs     See Karl

 Job Description  Supplemental Job Description
10.3Technical Updating
 Publications Inventory


 Service Bulletins in Mitchell System

 Instructor Training Completion   Not Applicable
 Policy  Faculty Handbook  Bottom of Page “Class Cancellation”
Supporting  Documents

Standard Eleven: Work Based Learning

Work-Based/Apprenticeship Plan  Collision Repair Co-op Outline, Feedback Form, & Program Outline
 Sample AgreementForthcoming
 Policy & Person ResponsiblePolicy Forthcoming
Supporting  Documents

Standard Twelve: E-Learning

 PolicyNot Applicable
12.2Curriculum and Student Progress
 E-learning ActivitiesNot Applicable
 Cross-reference ActivitiesNot Applicable
 Correlate HoursNot Applicable
 Canvas ExampleNot Applicable
12.3Advisory Committee
 Meeting MinutesNot Applicable