Campus Safety & Security

The Campus Safety/Security Office is located in Room 124 of our Main Building/Streeter Hall. Please contact the office for any emergency, safety issues or to report a crime that occurred on campus.
Campus Safety Cell Phone: (603) 921-1089
Campus Safety Phone: Extension 1767

Visit Campus Safety for Student Ids and Parking Permits

To obtain a Student ID, you must have the following with you;

  • Military ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Non-driver Identification Card

Please enter the campus in one of the three following entrances and a member of the Campus Safety staff will greet you there.

  1. Main Building Entrance
  2. Judd Gregg Hall Entrance
    Automotive Building Entrance.
    Health Screening:
    Please use the Main Entrance (the doors facing 101A) or the Judd Gregg Hall Entrance, depending on where your class is. Our welcome team will help you complete your daily screening and scan your temperature through our “no touch” thermal imaging system. NCC COVID Screening Form

NCC is using the MyNCC app to complete the daily health screening form. Please download the app at If you already have the app and do not see the new “Health and Wellness Forms” tile appear on your home screen, please uninstall and reinstall the app. If you are unable to use the app for any reason, you can simply answer questions with one of our Campus Safety Assistants when you arrive.

For reference: Isolation and Quarantine recommendations from the CDC