September 23, 2022

Students offered jobs with industry partners across the region

The Microelectronics Boot Camp, a 10-week career-training program at Nashua Community College, celebrated its 25th graduation Sept. 23.  Graduates are now going on to launch careers with industry partners across the region, such at BAE Systems, Mercury, and Draper Labs.

“This is the beginning of something very big in your lives,” said U.S. Congresswoman Ann Kuster, guest speaker at Friday’s graduation at NCC. Congresswoman Kuster has been a frequent visitor to the boot camp since its launch in 2016.
“When I look at you, I see our future. The future of the state of New Hampshire. You’re helping our community grow, our state to thrive and our country to be competitive with the rest of the world.”

Graduates of the 25th Microelectronics Boot Camp: Nadege Auguste, Chris Beaudin, Rebecca Boadu, Emily Cwiklik, Chloe Delany, Cheyenne Delgado, Jaxon Gendreau, Yohan Germosen, Margaret Leite, Jean Montes, Alexander Mooney, Kevin Moore, Laura Raccio, and Adrian Roque

Justin Medernach from Draper Labs addressed students as a hiring manager, but also as someone whose family had deep roots in manufacturing. “You are part of something very special,” he said, and described the critical need for skilled workers in semiconductor industry in the U.S. “It’s extremely important we have a skilled workforce.”
Class speaker Chloe Delany described how the class teaches not only the skills, but the confidence to succeed. “I never imagined I would escape fast food and find a career. This program made me believe in myself.”

Class speaker Chloe Delany

The Microelectronics Boot Camp was founded to prepare students for entry-level careers in wire/ribbon bonding and die attach for microelectronic components in manufacturing. From the beginning, the program’s success has been due to a collaboration of college and industry partners, supported by local officials.
“Without your support, none of this could happen,” said Jon Mason, Corporate, Community, and Continuing Education Coordinator at NCC to the audience.

NCC President Lucille Jordan recognized the companies who’ve collaborated with the program. “This is a partnership, and we could not do it without our industry partners,” said Jordan. She thanked graduates for starting their new career pathway with NCC, and said they can use what they’ve learned to move toward the next credential. “Most companies have tuition reimbursement. It doesn’t stop here.”

NCC President Lucille Jordan speaking at the Microelectronics Boot Camp graduation Sept. 23, 2022.

Boot camp instructor Jim Flis lauded graduates for their perseverance through the 10-week, 40-hour per week commitment required to graduate, “They’ve worked hard for 400 hours to get where there are.”
From founding partner BAE Systems, Inc., Vice President of Quality-Electronic Systems Sector Brian Svoboda congratulated graduates and handed out certificates. Christopher Scott from the Office of U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen read a letter from the senator. While Shaheen wasn’t able to attend the event, her letter congratulated students on their hard work.

About the Boot Camp: The Microelectronics Boot Camp was developed in partnership with BAE Systems in 2016 to address the shortage of skilled candidates in microelectronics manufacturing. NCC also works with industry partners such as Draper Labs, Mercury Systems, L3 Harris Technologies, API Technology, MACOM, MIT Lincoln Labs, Lockheed Martin, Monzite, and more. As a founding partner, all program graduates get the chance to interview with BAE Systems.
Boot Camp students have ranged in age from recent high school graduates to professionals in their 60s, including workers from across industries seeking a career change and veterans. Many come from assistance programs like WIOA and MY TURN, INC. Alumni also support each new generation of students as lab assistants on campus, and as workplace mentors.

MY Turn, Inc. Staff and students at the graduation

Microelectronics Boot Camps enroll throughout the year. Each session runs 10 weeks for 40 hours per week and costs $5,500. The next session begins Monday, October 10.
To learn more or enroll, contact Jon Mason at [email protected], or 603.578.8900 ext. 1763.