November 14, 2023

Enroll in two Health Science courses for the price of one!

In partnership with the
University of Massachusetts in Lowell

If you register for U.S. Healthcare and Public Health Informatics Technology for the Spring semester, you will be able to take Public Health Informatics Technology at no cost to you!

This is a perfect chance for health science majors to take a free course and learn more about the world of Public Health. There are numerous opportunities for Public Health graduates so don’t wait to get started on the path.

HLTH205N, U.S. Healthcare:

This course focuses on the organization, financing and delivery of healthcare in the United States. Students will learn about the public and private sectors of the healthcare system as well as systems of other countries. Students will explore major issues currently facing providers. (Pre or co-requisite is College Composition.)

HLTH210N, Public Health Informatics Technology:

Explore the variety of health information systems and technologies used in coordinating care and delivering health service. Develop an understanding of the evolution of health information technology, electronic health record systems, and the national standards applicable to clinical, financial, and administrative data required to manage health services.

Student’s practice using electronic health record simulations to access and select the appropriate demographic, clinical, financial, and administrative data often used for reporting purposes. Privacy, security, and confidentiality of protected health information in the electronic environment will also
be discussed.

Pat Klein
Program Coordinator for General Studies and Health Science
[email protected]