Supporting Documents 

Standard One: Purpose

1.1Employment Potential
 Placement Information Graduate Placement
1.2Program Description/Goals
 Web Site Automotive Technology                       Honda Automotive Technology
 Catalog Automotive Technology                         Honda Automotive Technology
 Brochures Admissions General Checklist
 Employment Potential & Wages Career Coach – Browse Careers  “Automotive Technician”
 Tuition 2022-2023 Tuition and Fees
 Reference Materials Technical Standards
Supporting Documents

Standard Two: Administration Program Support

2.1 Administrative Support
Administrative Support

Automotive Technology          Honda Automotive Technology

Professional DevelopmentNCC Website
CCSNH LinkedIn Learning
CurriculumCurriculum Committee Procedure
 Budget PreparationBudget Process
2.2Written Policies
 Student HandbookNCC Student Handbook 2022-2023

Faculty Resources Web Page

Employee Handbook

  Written Policies

  Shop Policies

  Shop Policies Sign Off Sheet

  Before Leaving Lab

  Emergency Operations Plan  NCC Emergency Operations Plan
2.3Provision For Individual Differences
Supporting  Documents

Standard Three: Learning Resources

3.1Service Information
 Information  Service Information
 On-line  “All Data” “Mitchell’s Pro Demand” Application on all Lab/Shop Computers         
 Technology Listing Multimedia List
3.3Student Resources
 Instruction Material Honda Interactive Network Website
Supporting  Documents

Standard Four: Funding

 Process NCC 2022-2023 Budget Process
 Budget RequestsFY23 Automotive Budget Request            FY23 Honda Budget Request
 Weekly Report Example
Automotive Budget Report          Honda Budget Report
Supporting  Documents

Standard Five: Student Services

5.1Pre-Admission Counseling
 Advisement Pre-Admission Advisement
 Web SiteAcademic Advising
 CatalogNCC Catalog 2022-2023
 Student HandbookNCC Student Handbook 2022-2023
 Other MaterialsCareer Coach


Academic Advising

NCC College Central

5.3Annual Graduate Follow-Up
 Graduate Survey
 Fall 2022 Graduate Survey
 Use of Results Graduate Survey Use of Results
 Example of Changes Made Changes Made
Supporting  Documents

Standard Six: Advisory Committee

 Members & AffiliationAutomotive Technology        Honda Automotive Technology
Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Automotive Advisory Meeting Minutes 2018 – 2022           Honda Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 2018 – 2022

6.2Review of Student Surveys
 Advisory Board Minutes

  Automotive Advisory Board Minutes 9.21.22      Honda Advisory Board Minutes 10.12.22


Review of Program Funding

 Budget Discussion

 Automotive Advisory Board Minutes 9.21.22           Honda Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 10.12.22

6.4Annual Graduate Follow-Up & Employer Surveys
 Process Explanation Graduate and Employer Survey
 Meeting MinutesAutomotive Advisory Board Minutes 9.21.22          Honda Advisory Bord Minutes 10.12.22
Survey ResultsGraduate          Employer
6.5Review of Course of Study
ReviewCourse of Study Review
6.6Review of Tools, Equipment, & Facilities
 Meeting Minutes Automotive Advisory Board Minutes 9.21.22          Honda Advisory Bord Minutes 10.12.22
Supporting  Documents

Standard Seven: Instruction

 Course Outline

Automotive Technology Program Map-Catalog

Automotive Technology Program Map-Web  Program of Study Tab

Honda Technology Program Map-Catalog

Honda Technology Program Map-Web  Program of Study Tab

7.2Preparation Time
 Master Course ScheduleAutomotive Fall 2022         Automotive Spring 2023
Honda Fall 2022                 Honda Spring 2023
 Instructor Office hours & Teaching Schedule

Fall 2022 –  Felton    Hogan    Wagstaff  

Spring 2023 –  Felton    Hogan    Wagstaff  

7.3Teaching Load
 Teaching Load 
Automotive Fall 2022          Automotive Spring 2023
Honda Fall 2022                     Honda Spring 2023
7.4Course of Study
 Catalog Course Descriptions Automotive Technology       Honda Automotive Technology
  Course Outlines 

Automotive 100 Level         Automotive 200 Level        Honda 100 Level         Honda 200 Level           

 Compiled Task List

Auto/Honda Task List

7.5Performance Standards & Student Progress
 Policy Student Handbook
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
 Policy CatalogSatisfactory Student Progress Policy
 Task List
Auto/Honda Task Sheet 
 Lab Evaluation FormDaily Lab Evaluation Form
 Student Grades Automotive         Honda
7.6Safety Standards
 Course of Study SyllabiAUTO121N         HATN121N 
 Safety Test SampleSafety Map & Score Sheet      Lift Safety Quiz
7.7Personal Standards
 Instructional MaterialsAuto     Honda
 Class, Lab, Shop RulesIndustry & Transportation Shop Policies
7.8Work Habits/Ethics
 Attendance Policy Student HandbookNCC Student Handbook 2022-2023
 Attendance Policy Course Catalog
NCC Catalog 2022-2023
 Attendance Policy SyllabusAUTO121N         HATN121N
 Work Habits SyllabusAUTO121N         HATN121N
7.9Related Instruction
 Syllabi ExamplesEnglish Composition  Physical Science   Quantitative Reasoning
 Written Test Samples

Mid-Term Written Exam HATN121        Final Lab Practical HATN226                                                                                                                                     Mid-Term Written Exam AUTO121        Final Lab Practical AUTO121

 Sample Job SheetsSample Work Order
 Rating Scale UsedAUTO121N          HATN121N
 ASE Prep CatalogAutomotive         Honda
 ASE Prep WebAutomotive         Honda
7.11Evaluation of Instruction
 Sample Evaluation Forms 

Course Evaluation Form

Adjunct Faculty Evaluation Form

Full-time Faculty Evaluation Form

7.12On-Vehicle Service and Repair Work
 Live Work PolicyLive Work Policy
 Repair OrdersRepair Order
 Sample Work Order/InvoiceInvoice
7.13 Customer Vehicles
 Vehicle Work OrderCustomer Vehicle Work Order
 InvoiceNCC Invoice
 System policyStudent Training
 Articulation Agreement Not Applicable
Supporting  Documents

Standard Eight: Tools & Equipment

 Visual InspectionVisual Inspection
8.2Quantity & Quality
 Tool InventoryVisual Inspection
8.3Consumable Supplies
Replenishment ProcedureConsumables Procedure
8.4Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Shop Items Maintenance

 Lift InspectionNCC 2022 Automotive Lift Inspections
 Annual Review ProcessReplacement Procedure
 ExampleAutomotive Advisory Board 9.21.22     Honda Advisory Board 10.22.22
8.6Tool Inventory and Distribution
 Inventory ListTool & Equipment Inventory 
 Distribution ProcessTool Distribution Procedure
8.7Parts Purchasing
 Purchasing ProcedureParts Purchasing & PO
 Parts OrderingParts Ordering Vendors
 Purchase Order SamplePurchase Order
8.8Hand Tools

NCC Website “Special Requirements”             Automotive Technology      Honda Automotive Technology     

2022-2023 Catalog                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Automotive Tool Requirement NCC Catalog  Item #3                         Honda Tool Requirement NCC Catalog Item #2 

 Vendor lists & VisitsNCC Tool Day
Supporting  Documents

Standard Nine: Facilities

9.1Training Stations
 Class Sizes/Course

Automotive Fall 2022          Automotive Spring 2023

Honda Fall 2022                  Honda Spring 2023

 Classroom & Shop SpaceClassroom & Shop Teaching Space
 Safety Inspection Schedule Safety Inspection Schedule
9.3Facility Maintenance
 Policy & ProceduresEmergency Repair Policy
 Visual InspectionVisual Inspection
9.5Office Space
 Visual InspectionVisual Inspection
9.6Instructional Area
 Visual InspectionVisual Inspection
 Visual InspectionVisual Inspection
9.8Support Facilities
 Visual InspectionVisual Inspection
 Visual InspectionVisual Inspection
9.10First Aid Kit
 PolicyEmergency Response Guidebook-Major Medical
Supporting  DocumentsStandard Ten: Instructional Staff
10.1Technical Competency
 Instructor CredentialsFelton     Hogan     Wagstaff
10.2Instructional Competency/Certification
 Instructors’  CertificatesFelton     Hogan     Wagstaff
10.3Technical Updating
 Publications Inventory


 Service Bulletins in Mitchell System

 Instructor Training Completion Felton     Hogan     Wagstaff
 PolicyNot Applicable
Supporting  Documents

Standard Eleven: Work Based Learning

Work-Based/Apprenticeship PlanAUTO190N Co-OP         HATN190 Internship Sample
 Sample Training PlanAutomotive Training Plan & Agreement           Honda Training Plan & Agreement
 Sample AgreementAutomotive Training Plan & Agreement           Honda Training Plan & Agreement
 Policy & Person ResponsibleAutomotive Training Plan & Agreement           Honda Training Plan & Agreement
Supporting  Documents

Standard Twelve: E-Learning Honda Only

 PolicyHonda Syllabi “Technology”
12.2Curriculum and Student Progress
 E-learning ActivitiesCourse Map
 Cross-reference ActivitiesSyllabus
 Correlate HoursModule Completion Time
CatalogNCC Catalog-Honda
12.3Advisory Committee
 Meeting MinutesDescription
 Additional Documents
  Program Graduate Employer Survey Contact Information