NCC has many resources available to help you succeed!

Whether you are struggling academically or in life, assistance is available. Check below to find resources to help you academically, financially, or in being connected with community based supports. NCC supports your success!

 Safety: Should you ever feel unsafe walking alone to your car or the bus stop, you can call NCC Security to escort you:

NCC Security

Nights: 603-897-9988 or 603-921-1089
Days: 603-340-2158 or 603-724-9658

Academic Support

Services Available for All Students:

  • research assistance for assignments and papers
  • guidance on using library online books and databases
  • basic technical assistance (with MS Office, printing, Canvas, Zoom)

NCC Librarian

Fran Keenan
603-578-8905 (general info) / 603-578-8992 (Fran)
[email protected]

 Services for Students with Disabilities:

  • Tutoring in math and writing
  • Connection to tutoring with program coordinators/department chairs in other subjects
  • Study skills development
  • Disability Services – Provides resources and reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities.

Disability Services Coordinator

Jodi Leah Quinn
 (603) 578-8996
[email protected]
Room 130-C

Services for non-native speakers of English who are taking ESOL courses

Esol Program

Elizabeth Berry 
 [email protected]

Services for Students in Science Courses:

  • Science Recitations
  • Open Lab Times
  • Extra Help
Science Department

603.578.8900 (x1594, x1436, x1516) See Lab Doors for specific details.


Debra Costa-Nino
 [email protected]


Samantha Ray
 [email protected]

Academic Advising

Services Available for All Students:

  • Academic Advising
  • Dropping A Course
  • Choosing a Major Degree
  • Completion
  • Transferring In/Out of NCC
  • Planning from NCC to Bachelor Degree
Academic Advising

Caitrin Brisson
 [email protected]

International Student Advising

Jan Curtis
[email protected]

Academic Advising, Sap (Satisfactory Academic Progress) Plans, Academic Probation
Lisa Yorio
 [email protected]
Va Student Counselor and Veteran Certifying Official

Corrina Jordan
 [email protected]

Student Life and Student Services

 Amy Vazifdar

Referrals to community-based support services such as mental health, homelessness, substance abuse, etc.

 603.578.8900 x1580
 [email protected]


  • Student ID, parking pass, lost & found, safety escort, vehicle assistance, concerns about student interactions, Campus Safety, Room 124. Nights: 603-897-9988 or 603-921-1089; Days: 603-340-2158 or 603-724-9658
  • What courses do I have left to graduate? Office of the Registrar, Room 156
  • Self service digital audit. DegreeWorks,

Financial Matters

Va Student Counselor and Veteran Certifying Official

Corrina Jordan

 [email protected]

578.8900 x1679

  • Certification of GI Bill® Benefits
  • Academic Advising for students utilizing GI Bill® Benefits

Financial Aid Office, Room 156, 603.578.8903, [email protected]

Bursar’s Office, Room 97, 603.578.8902, [email protected]

  • Learn more about payment plans
  • Pay tuition