NCC has many resources available to help you succeed!

 Safety: Should you ever feel unsafe walking alone to your car or the bus stop, you can call NCC Security to escort you:

NCC Security

Nights: 603-897-9988 or 603-921-1089
Days: 603-340-2158 or 603-724-9658

Academic Support

Services Available for All Students:

  • research assistance for assignments and papers
  • guidance on using library online books and databases
  • basic technical assistance (with MS Office, printing, Canvas, Zoom)

NCC Librarian

Fran Keenan
603-578-8905 (general info) / 603-578-8992 (Fran)
[email protected]

  • Tutoring in math and writing
  • Connection to tutoring with program coordinators/department chairs in other subjects
  • Study skills development

 Services for Students with Disabilities:

  • Accessibility Services – Provides resources and reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities.

Accessibility Services Coordinator

Jodi Leah Quinn
 (603) 578-8996
[email protected]
Room 130-C

Services for non-native speakers of English who are taking ESOL courses

Esol Program

Elizabeth Berry 
 [email protected]

Services for Students in Science Courses:

  • Science Recitations
  • Open Lab Times
  • Extra Help
Science Department

603.578.8900 (x1594, x1436, x1516) See Lab Doors for specific details.


Debra Costa-Nino
 [email protected]


Samantha Ray
 [email protected]

Academic Advising

Services Available for All Students:

  • Academic Advising
  • Dropping A Course
  • Choosing a Major Degree
  • Completion
  • Transferring In/Out of NCC
  • Planning from NCC to Bachelor Degree
Academic Advising

Caitrin Brisson
 [email protected]

International Student Advising

Jan Curtis
[email protected]

Academic Advising, Sap (Satisfactory Academic Progress) Plans, Academic Probation
Lisa Yorio
 [email protected]
Va Student Counselor and Veteran Certifying Official

Corrina Jordan
 [email protected]

Student Life and Student Services

 Amy Vazifdar

Referrals to community-based support services such as mental health, homelessness, substance abuse, etc.

 603.578.8900 x1580
 [email protected]


  • Student ID, parking pass, lost & found, safety escort, vehicle assistance, concerns about student interactions, Campus Safety, Room 124. Nights: 603-897-9988 or 603-921-1089; Days: 603-340-2158 or 603-724-9658
  • What courses do I have left to graduate? Office of the Registrar, Room 156
  • Self service digital audit. DegreeWorks,

Financial Matters

Va Student Counselor and Veteran Certifying Official

Corrina Jordan

 [email protected]

578.8900 x1679

  • Certification of GI Bill® Benefits
  • Academic Advising for students utilizing GI Bill® Benefits

Financial Aid Office, Room 156, 603.578.8903, [email protected]

Bursar’s Office, Room 97, 603.578.8902, [email protected]

  • Learn more about payment plans
  • Pay tuition