Printing Policy

Nashua Community College uses a print management solution called PaperCut for network printing from college computers. Every student is given a $25 initial credit for printing and/or copying. It is every student’s responsibility to monitor their own print account and ration their quota appropriately. If a student runs out of their initial $25 credit they can purchase more credits by visiting the Business Office. All credits expire at the end of every semester and another $25 credit will be reloaded for the new semester. No refunds will be issued for any unused credits (including purchased credits) per semester. Note: There are three semesters in an academic year, Fall, Spring, and Summer. Quotas will start the first day of each semester.

Quotas end the Friday following the last day of term as defined in the official academic calendar.

Printing/Copying Costs:

 Single Sided B/WDouble Sided B/W
Letter 8.5″ x 11″.10.20
Legal 8.5″ x 14″.10.20
Tabloid 11″ x 17.20.40

Nashua Community College reserves the right to change print/copying quantities and pricing at any time.

Credits can be purchased in $5 increments and can take up to three business days to appear in the students print balance, please plan accordingly. No refunds will be issued for any unused credits or purchased credits per semester.

Printing, Copying & Scanning Guidelines

  • Respect the rights of other students, faculty and staff while printing or copying.
  • During peak times avoid large print/copying jobs.
  • Stored printed jobs expire after 24 hours.
  • Do not open the printer for jams, please contact the IT Dept.
  • Do not remove toner, please contact the IT Dept.
  • Do not remove or load paper, please contact the IT Dept.
  • Do not adjust, unplug, or remove any of the printer’s components or reconfigure any permanent settings.
  • Please be sure you have logged out of your session when making copies or scanning. IMPORTANT:Leaving an open session could allow another user to print on your credits, Nashua Community College is not responsible for left open sessions.
  • When copying documents, you are responsible for following copyright laws.
  • Do not wait until you are down to a zero balance before purchasing more credits, it can take up to three business days after purchasing to see your new balance.