The FOLLETT ACCESS program gives students access to their required textbook and other course materials on the first day of classes. The textbook is available in an e-book and or physical formats.

Only required course materials are included in the FOLLETT ACCESS Program. Additional recommended materials may be ordered online or visit us in the bookstore where our textbook experts will be happy to assist you.

Cost Savings

Starting classes doesn’t have to be stressful! NCC has partnered with Follett to create FOLLETT ACCESS, a simple and convenient way to ensure you are ready for class on day one. The program connects students to required learning materials before class even begins so you’ll be ready to learn and prepared to succeed.

Through FOLLETT ACCESS, the discounted price of required materials for a select group of classes will be added to your tuition. The College will pull together these materials and they will be available in Canvas or in the bookstore. While you will notice a slight increase in tuition, you can see a cost savings on course materials when compared to the national retail costs for the same digital and physical products.

If you register for one of the FOLLETT ACCESS classes, you will receive an email outlining the program.

Please note that some participating classes also have additional recommended materials that are not included with the FOLLETT ACCESS program and will need to be purchased separately.


FOLLETT ACCESS is a powerful and convenient program designed to ensure students get the course materials they need to succeed before their first day of class.

The FOLLETT ACCESS program delivers required course materials to students for any of the courses participating in the program. The cost will be included with in tuition or course charges. This program provides a method to easily access, manage and use all course materials regardless of format or cost. Digital course materials will be made available to students directly within Canvas. Physical course materials will be available for pick up at the campus bookstore.

The Benefits of FOLLETT ACCESS Program

  • You will have all of your required course materials on the first day of class.
  • Receiving materials is hassle free.
  • Easily access and management of digital course materials.
  • Zero stress about getting the wrong book or wrong edition.

Yes! You can use your financial aid and other tuition payment options available to you by your campus. Publishers provide significant discounts to participate in this program and those discounts are passed on to you via this program. You will not pay out of pocket for your required course materials that are part of the program. Course material charges will be part of your tuition and charge structure with the campus. 

For courses that are part of the FOLLETT ACCESS program, materials will be digital and others will be gathered for you and made available by the campus store.

Confirmation emails to your student email address or communications from the campus and/or instructors will be provided to share your product access details in the learning management system for digital content. For physical content a confirmation email will be provided to your student email to let you know it is available to pick up at your campus bookstore or program specific pickup location.

Only required course materials are included in the FOLLETT ACCESS Program. Additional recommended materials may be ordered online or visit us in the bookstore where our textbook experts will be happy to assist you.

Questions can be directed to your Bookstore.

If you drop a course, return physical materials to the campus store by the communicated deadline provided to you when you picked up your materials. Physical materials should be in reusable condition. Digital materials will be automatically refunded and your access to the material will be removed upon confirmation of your section drop.

NCC does offer an Opt-Out solution and students should find details on this process either in your student email or by contacting your bookstore.

Physical books may be sold back to the bookstore at the end of term. Please visit the bookstore on campus, or contact:
Colette Pouliot
NCC Store Manager
Follett Bookstore #0971
603.880.7083 / Fax 603.886.0265

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For more information: 
Barry Brown
[email protected]
Follett Bookstore #0971
603.880.7083 / Fax 603.886.0265