New Pathways For Returning Students

Apply For Financial Aid

Prior Learning Assessment

Your past education and experience may count as credits toward your program; you may be closer to finishing a degree than you think! Visit the Prior Learning page or contact Jayleen Aleman:  [email protected] or by phone at (603) 578-8953.

Academic Amnesty

As a student who has previously attended NCC, you may be eligible for academic amnesty. In order to be eligible for academic amnesty, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must have not taken any courses at NCC for a period of at least three years from the last semester of attendance.
  • You must apply for Academic Amnesty before the start of your second semester after re-admission.

Academic Amnesty provides the following:

  • All grades taken during the student’s previous time at the College will no longer be used to calculate the student’s new cumulative GPA. However, grades of C- and above taken during the student’s previous time at the College will be used to meet course requirements (where appropriate), subject to the approval of the Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Even though previous grades will not be used to calculate the new cumulative GPA, all previous grades will remain on the student’s transcript.

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At this time, all appointments are taking place virtually via phone or zoom. We are always available to be reached by phone, text message or email.

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