Early Childhood Education graduate Chantel Paradise has had her sights set on teaching for a long time. “When I was younger I knew I wanted to become a teacher one day, so I started off with babysitting,” said Chantel.

Once she hit sophomore year in high school, she began looking for work in the community. “My first job was at daycare in Hudson, New Hampshire, and I was there for three years and now I currently work at a daycare in Windham, New Hampshire. I love working with children because I get to watch them grow and succeed.”

“The thing I liked the most about my NCC experience was how everyone was there to help and the community was very welcoming,” she said. “I was able to do an internship and work in the field while at school.”

While she said working full-time and attending college was a challenge, Chantel made it through and now plans to transfer into a four-year program. “After graduation I will be attending Granite State College to get my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.”

“Advice that I would give to a person who is thinking about going to college is to take your time and because sometimes it can be challenging, but never give up.”

She thanked the college community and program faculty for their support, and “Giving me an opportunity to succeed and grow as I proceed my education in Early Childhood.”

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Nashua Community College has an Early Childhood Education associate degree pathway, as well as a Lead Teacher and Associate Lead Teacher certificate pathways. Learn more at nashuacc.edu.

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