Now an MBA student at Franklin Pierce, Michael Lambert originally enrolled at Nashua Community College to broaden his career prospects, “When I was looking for jobs, a lot required some sort of degree so I knew it was important for me to start up the process to be able to advance my career.”

After NCC, Michael continued on to his 4-year degree, then eventually a Master’s program. “NCC helped me get the foundation I needed for moving forward to my bachelor’s degree. I then went to Granite State College and got my bachelors in History, and am currently enrolled at Franklin Pierce for my MBA in which I will graduate this year”.

The transfer process to Granite State went smoothly, and he was able to take some courses on campus at NCC.

“NCC really helped get me the foundational education I needed to progress my career,” said Michael, “I went into the field of HR and am now working for an international manufacturer on the seacoast as an HR Manager.”

Looking back at his NCC years, he gave a shout-out to the then-Vice President of Academic Affairs, “Bill McIntyre was really kind to me when I was going back to college ‘again’. Bill helped me map out a sustainable plan to take on school while also working.” he said. VPAA McIntyre was with NCC for 40 years before retiring in 2017.

Michael said his advice to someone considering college, is that it’s never too late. “There are a million reasons to put off school, but look for the one good reason that will keep you motivated. It’s never too late to go back or get started.”



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