In a few short years, Terri-Lynn Krol BSN, RN, went from being an LPN to a student in a Masters in the Science of Nursing program working toward her Family Nurse Practitioners license.

“The foundation for education that NCC gave me, along with the study habits and commitment to my education, has assisted me in achieving all of these amazing accomplishments,” said Terri.

As an LPN, Terri moved to New Hampshire from New York and began to look for a way to continue her nursing education. While at work, she met a team of students from NCC.

“I thought the students had incredible knowledge and they all seemed very pleased with their choice in education from NCC.”

She had toured other nursing programs in the area, and hadn’t found the right fit yet. “I stopped in at NCC without an appointment on my way home from work one day. There was this amazing individual that actually took the time to show me around the campus, to include the science building and nursing wing. The impact that kindness had on me was profound, so I went to NCC and began the process of enrollment.”

Aside from the supportive enrollment process, the affordability was another plus. “I began taking all my prerequisites and realized I was receiving an amazing education for far less money that some of my peers were getting at other programs. I am still completely satisfied with the decision I made to attend NCC to further my education in the profession of nursing.”

Nursing at NCC

“The nursing program is not an easy program; you have to truly commit to endless hours of studying while juggling your class schedule and clinical time,” said Terri. “The program at NCC has incredible structure, support, and the knowledge of the professors was outstanding.”

The curriculum is rigorous and demanding, but faculty and peers are there to help. “The amount of curriculum you have to learn – not memorize – and completely understand is overwhelming. The way this material was presented was truly a saving grace,” she said.

The Nursing program holds students to a professional level in class and while performing their clinical hours at healthcare facilities in the area. However, faculty always made time for a student that struggled in a topic, needed time in the lab, required time to go over a test, or just needed someone to listen and support them, she said, “You really felt like part of a special family that cared for their own and supported you any way that they could. As an older student, there was no difference in the treatment or opportunities.”

Students must also balance their home life, work, and nursing school. “Putting school before every other aspect in my life took some time to have the courage to do, but the reward of receiving that diploma and passing the boards was well worth all the sacrifices I had to make.”

However, she said the NCLEX presented the biggest hurdle. “The most challenging part of nursing school is surviving the exam in which every answer is correct, but there is only one best answer.”

After NCC

After graduating NCC in 2017, Terri worked in an acute hospital specializing in the rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury, traumatic spinal cord injury, strokes, amputations, and any other area of rehabilitation at an acute level. She is now a Clinical Leader/Supervisor of the unit, having served in the same network since graduation.

“I have gone onto attain my Bachelor’s Degree in the Science of Nursing from Capella University and was honored to be accepted at Simmons University to complete my Masters in the Science of Nursing and obtain my Family Nurse Practitioners license.”

Terri’s Advice for Future Nursing Students

Education must be your top priority. “Nursing is a tough profession that requires dedication, commitment, passion, understanding, flexibility, and pure love. Take the commitment to excellence, learn as much as you can learn, pay attention to the art of nursing while doing your clinical hours, and never give up on your dreams.”

Beyond memorizing the material to pass the exam, put the material to use. “The education you get while attending NCC is a product of what you put into it. Give your education 100 percent effort and you will reap some amazing benefits from the hard work and dedication you put in.”

While passing the boards is important, the most critical goal is becoming the nurse you would want to take care of your loved ones.

“Be that nurse that gives everything they have to provide the best care possible to the patient, facility, family, and coworkers.”

Team up with your classmates. “They are also going through what you are. Form a study group with others and be sure the group works for your needs as well as theirs.”

Get involved. “Get involved in activities at NCC, like the student senate, no matter your age. I had the most memorable and meaningful experiences with the senate that I am so very thankful for.”

Trust in your professors. “They want you to succeed as much as you want yourself to succeed. Do not be afraid to ask for help.”

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