Bennett Hamilton began his college career during his junior year at Nashua High School South, enrolling in NCC’s Early College program. He began studying cybersecurity, but changed course to business administration with an emphasis on management after taking an Honors Writing course his freshman year at NCC.

After NCC, Bennett transferred to the UMass Lowell Honors College to continue studying business, “I feel it brings all my strengths together; in writing, math and rhetoric, into one glorious mesh of a profession.”

To kick off his first year at UMass Lowell, Bennett also received the New England Regional Scholarship for 2020-21 for $10,000.

An Honors Student in high school, Bennett continued to follow the same path at NCC, and choose courses in the Honors Program, led by veteran faculty member Steve Meidell.

“Bennett Hamilton is an amazing young man who has balanced his love of learning with the responsibilities of a part-time job,” said Professor Meidell. “He is an excellent representative of the positive influence of the NCC Honors Program. From his first somewhat shy interview for the Honors program to his development of his Honors Learning Portfolio, Bennett, as so many NCC students, has evolved toward a mature appreciation of his many talents through academic challenges onward into a most promising future.”

Bennett said the challenges he faced in Honors Courses prepared him for the rest of his academic career. “Case in point; the Honors Greek Philosophy course I had then gone into provided a hotbed of knowledge that I still use to relate to my surroundings today,” he said, adding, “Same goes for the honors writing course, with the ruthless peer reviewers that others had done with my work having strengthen my resolve and directly influence my writing style.

I truly believe that I usually win, rather than crack, under pressure; I can thank the honors system of NCC for giving me the opportunity to learn in such a way.”

Bennett plans to complete his bachelor’s degree at UMass Lowell, and with the encouragement of Steve Meidell and NCC Early College staff, he selected the Manning School of Business as the best match for his aspirations and was accepted. Not only would UMass Lowell accept all of his transfer credits, but the college’s proximity to Nashua, and the fact that his mother graduated from UMass Lowell made it a top choice.

Reflecting on his time at NCC, Bennett said he thinks of the people first, “I feel the community is what truly stands out at Nashua Community College. I have met a lot of people in my studies and not one time did it feel as if they weren’t giving it their all.”

“People from very distinct backgrounds coming together to learn off of one another is what truly makes the difference. From my honors courses to the general education requirements, almost everyone would participate in discussions and expand the lesson beyond what the instructor may have considered,” he said.

“Thankfully, the wonderful cast of instructors I had did have their hands in the industries on which they taught.”

Bennett found that faculty were able to pivot lessons when needed, based in classroom discussion, and in response to the needs of students. “I feel as though my peers and I would look forward to every class visit, because you never know where the teacher would go from last time and how he or she would expand your knowledge.”

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