Carmen Mele came to Nashua Community College to study Business Management after graduating from Milford High School with the goal of transferring to UNH Manchester.

“Before my senior year, I sat down with my dad and talked about programs, and I thought going into business was the best thing to do because from there, I could do anything,” said Carmen. It also helped that he enjoyed his high school businesses classes.

After graduating from NCC this May, Carmen will transfer his credits to earn a bachelor’s in Business Administration.

“I’m excited to graduate, and looking forward to the new adventures at UNH Manchester.”

The College Experience

Looking back at the last two years, he reflected on the heightened level of independence and responsibility that came with college.

“It’s very freeing, you’re in control of what you do and where you go. It’s not like high school where your schedule is very set. I feel in control of my life,” he said, adding that the work load was challenging. “For the past three semesters out of four, I’ve had to do five classes, and I haven’t had the chance to take many online, so I’ve really had to keep up.”

However, he enjoyed his classes – particularly software applications. “The teacher, Professor DiLorenzo, was by far my favorite teacher. She makes class fun, and if you need help she’s very supportive. She would ask about what’s going on in my life, and we’d always talk – she was really nice.”

NCC has online, hybrid, flex, and on-campus classes, and this spring Carmen had a mix of on-campus and online classes. “This semester I have three online and two in person to get my degree. I have two more years to go for my bachelor’s.”

After UNH Manchester, Carmen will be looking to join the workforce full time. “I have no specific career destination, but I’m hoping to work in an office setting where I can work my way up toward management, that’s what I always imagined.” 

Student Life

Carmen was an active member of the Student Senate during his first year, and the GSA Club throughout his time at NCC.  

“I definitely recommend being part of GSA, I’ve gotten all these friends through it, and found a relationship – and it made my college life so much happier and easier, so it wasn’t just about going to school, and go home, and rinse/repeat. It’s made it so much better.”

The GSA, or Gender and Sexuality Affirmations Club, welcomes LGBTQ+ students and allies, and organizes educational outside speaker events and social activities throughout the year.

“If UNH Manchester has a GSA or student senate, I will definitely do that again,” said Carmen.  

Advice for Future Students

“Go for what you want to go for, whatever makes you happy. You have to be determined though to get the work done and learn. Do your best and try to have fun.”


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