NCC and Promineo Tech Graduated First Back End Coding Class March 2021

Nawaraj Shahi, or Nabu, was looking for a career change when he enrolled in the Back End Coding Boot Camp, a 100 percent remote career training program hosted by Nashua Community College and powered by Promineo Tech. “I independently had been learning python and java after my undergraduate and I had thought about doing a career transition,” said Nabu. The boot camp’s goal is to prepare students for a career in software development.

“For an individual who already has a degree or is already in the field, a Coding Boot Camp is a cost-effective method to expand their skills,” said Kim Eckenrode, Career & Technical Education Pathways Director at Nashua Community College.

Nabu said the Boot Camp was just the right place to start due to its comprehensive course plan and one-on-one mentorship. “One of the other reasons to enroll in the Bootcamp for me was that I would get a chance to connect and work with fellow peers who come from a wide range of backgrounds who are looking to transition a career,” he said. The Coding Boot Camps are a collaborative learning environment, said Kim, “Our students come with a range of coding and work experience, but they are all there to learn new skills.” She said that diversity of perspective allows peers to help each other move forward, “We see classmates use their experience to help explain a topic to others, and even those new to coding will find an excellent resource to share with everyone. It ended up being a perfect mix of peer support, mentor support, along with a Promineo’s proven curriculum.”


The Back End Coding Boot Camp is designed to accommodate a 9-5 job. It typically requires about 13-18 hours of homework per week, and 1.5 hours of live, online instruction delivered Tuesday evenings. Nabu said the Tuesday evening meeting time worked for his schedule, and he made time for the coursework. “Since I had made a conscious decision for my career transition, I knew I had to invest in learning the tools and technology by finding time to study and focus on the curriculum.”

It didn’t hurt that he already had a foundation in Java and MySQL, he said, “so I did not have to start right from the beginning. However, Spring Boot part of the course required a lot of study and put the skillsets to use. Since I had allocated enough time to study beforehand, I was able to find time to study the materials as well as engage in group study sessions.”


“One thing I learned is that you can never learn enough,”

“What you learn is just a fraction of what the Industry really is comprised of, but you don’t have to be an expert in everything that’s out there. Before I joined the Boot Camp, it actually bugged me that I did not know many of the concepts, frameworks and tools for even an entry-level job posting. Almost 18 weeks later, thanks to comprehensive boot camp course plan, I am confident in my abilities to use Java, MySQL, and Spring Boot to build functional applications.”

Promineo President Nick Suwyn said learning Git, Java, SQL, Spring Boot and more in only 18 weeks is no easy task, “It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Most students spend around 20 hours a week to accomplish this. That’s why it was so great to see how closely this group of students worked together to help each other through the learning process. This group has been the most collaborative cohort we’ve seen to date, and I believe their comradery truly augmented what they were able to learn and accomplish.”

Next Steps

Nabu celebrated graduation in a virtual ceremony on March 10, and landed a position at Minim in Manchester in April as DevOps Intern.

“Undertaking this Coding Boot Camp was a boost in confidence in being able to work on a project from start to finish. There are challenges along the way but if you power through, results are worth the work!”

“I am very happy with my confidence and ability to work on a real-world project. My sincere thanks to Kim who worked very hard to bring the boot camp to NCC and such an amazing and supporting team of mentors, instructors, and fellow classmates at Promineo Tech,” he said.

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