• Reviews all research studies involving human subjects;
  • Reviews and addresses concerns involving the use of human subjects in research;
  • Advises faculty, staff, and students on the ethical conduct of research involving people;
  • Conducts appropriate reviews of the College’s program and develops guidelines to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations; and
  • Participates in developing, reviewing, and providing educational opportunities for the NCC community on the use and protection of human subjects in research.

At NCC, the primary purpose of the Ethical Research Board (ERB) is to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects by ensuring that physical, psychological, legal, financial, emotional, and/or social risks to subjects are minimized, and when present, justified by the importance of the research, and agreed to by subjects (informed consent). All NCC research activities proposing to involve human subjects must be reviewed and receive written, unconditional approval from the ERB before commencing. This policy applies to ALL research, regardless of whether it is funded.

Secondly, the ERB seeks to protect NCC and researchers from possible adverse consequences of research with human subjects, by assisting researcher with the design of their studies so they comply with federal regulations and NCC requirements.

Any questions or applications should be sent to [email protected].


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