Youth Coding: Youth K-12 Learn to Code Through Video Game Development

Non-credit enrichment program specifically created for Youth K-12 of All Abilities. Available to families through a partnership between Nashua Community College and SimplyCoding.

Courses are organized in a specific order to help the student with learning how to code. Coding is a new skill that includes new thought processes and different logic then students may be use to. By going through the courses in an organized method, students will encounter principles that can be learned and added upon.

Learning Pathway

$99 1-Year Membership Includes

Who is this for?

Youth Coding benefits students who wish to lay a solid foundation in coding to thrive in a digital world. High school students have used the program to prepare for the Computer Science AP exam, and homeschool students incorporate it into their STEM curriculating


Each student will have their own username and password to the Simply Coding website to access their coding courses. That means they will have 24/7 access to the program. Any limitations on accessing our website would have to be done from their home internet

We offer live mentor chat support to all students during normal Simply Coding business hours, Mon – Fri 9 am – 6 pm Central Time. Students, or parents of students, can start a chat by going to our website and click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

After hours, the chat support icon will allow you to send an email for us to review during the next business day.

Simply Coding will never initiate a chat with any student. Students must request the chat. All chats are saved, through our 3rd party license with PureChat, and can be retrieved for anyone at any time upon request.

Our chat support is secured through PureChat and can only be accessed by Simply Coding.

Parents do not need to disclose any information about their child during registration and we are in compliance with COPPA.

Their user account is secured through amazon’s AWS data protection services that provide the encryption.

Yes! You may always renew your membership before or after expiration without losing your progress.

Simply Coding’s course pathway allows students to experience coding in the native environment. For this reason, you will need your own computer. All projects will be coded and saved to the student’s personal computer.

Each course has it’s own workspace (coding editor, images, and/or audio files) that will need to be downloaded to your computer following the lesson’s instructions. Any software used is free tothe student.

Because of the limitations with Chromebooks, only four of our courses are compatible.
Intro to Websites, JavaScript Game Design, Responsive Websites, and JavaScript Tower Defense.

For the other courses, you will need a PC or Mac computer.

Simply Coding’s course pathway uses coding editors that are not yet available on tablets or iPads. You will need a PC or Mac for the best coding experience.

PC or Laptop Computer with Windows or Mac operating systems. (Any version of Mac or
Windows will work)
10 GB Free Hard Drive Space

  • Internet Connection to access the lesson curriculum.
    *Although the actual coding can be done without an internet connection.

The following are not compatible with Simply Coding Curriculum:

  • iPad
  • Tablet
  • Cell Phone
  • Chromebooks

Throughout the coding pathway, Students will be creating and adding to their coding portfolio. This portfolio is uploaded to a service called GitHub. Eventually, all of their work will be saved there as well on your computer.

However, Simply Coding does have code from each lesson project that they can send to a Student if they have lost their work. Students would be able to use those files to pick up where they left off rather than starting over

This coding pathway was designed with ages 11 – 18 in mind. All projects, videos, interactions, and activities we’re created to engage with that age group on education as well as an interest

We have had students younger and older succeed and enjoy coding but each course is created to be age-appropriate for youth and teens.

Because these lessons teach real coding, students who have taken a keyboarding course seem to have a better experience when writing code.

The first two courses in the pathway are designed to assume no coding experience and no prior coding knowledge is required.

We love seeing girls get into coding! During the lessons, students have every opportunity to customize and make the coding project their own. For example, during the Into to Website courses, students will be shown and instructed to add code creating images, audio, video, color, and much more to their website. Each student will be able to choose the content that their website will display. This is true for each course that we teach. In addition, at the end of each course, students will have instructions for a final project allowing them to be creative and use what they’ve learned as they code their own website, game, or app.

Each student will have access to all completed lessons to review at their discretion.

Learning how to code a game teaches students all the great computer logic such as variables, conditions, loops, arrays, and objects in a very engaging flow. These concepts are the foundation of coding and do not change as they move into coding a database or some software program.

Games allow students to be creative quickly while learning these concepts. To become a good coder it takes planning and coding out your own ideas. By using games, students come up with ideas very quickly allowing them to go through the full creative coding experience.

The goal of this coding pathway is to give students a real coding experience so they can make better decisions about their future. This accomplishes many things.

First, lots of our youth want to become programmers or game developers without really knowing the kind of knowledge and dedication that takes. It’s an expensive test to have your first coding experience in college.

Other students may want to own a business or work in technology but not necessarily write code every day. By knowing how to code they’ll understand the working flow of technology projects and improve their communication and understanding with other technology fields.

Many students will find that they love to code and want to continue to pursue it. During this pathway, they will complete their own coding portfolio of their work. This will benefit them as they fill out applications for either college or internships. This pathway gives them enough coding experience to enter college-level courses confidently as they pursue their career.


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