The Testing Center is located in a small room in the Walter Peterson Library learning Commons, affords the students an opportunity to take tests in a reduced-distractions environment.  All testing arrangements must be arranged by agreement between the instructor and the student.  The Testing Center requires 48 hours’ notice to reserve a spot for the student.


Testing Cover Sheet

All Testing Cover Sheet and tests must be submitted electronically.

Schedule & submit test at minimum 48 hours (2 business days) prior to the requested test date & time. TCS should mainly be used for students with Reasonable Accommodation Plans (RAP).

NOTE: Only individual students may be scheduled, no group or class testing is available.

Testing Center Hours – Located In The Library

Monday – Thursday
8:00 AM – 5:30 PM


8:00 AM-3:30 PM

NOTE: Testing Center may have to adjust desired date/time of test due to proctor availability.

Testing Center Guidelines

Please follow the policies and procedures outlined below. If you have questions, please stop the Library or call (603) 578-8996 or (603) 578-8930.

  1. Seats and proctors are limited, so testing cover sheets must be submitted by the instructor at least 48 hours in advance.
  2. The Testing Center prioritizes students with Reasonable Accommodation Plans (RAP). Students without a RAP should only be scheduled due to extreme, extenuating circumstances (ex. severe illness, funeral, etc.).
  3. Finals week students with RAPs are given priority. Students without a RAP can be scheduled only if their final testing times overlap or for extreme, extenuating circumstances (ex. severe illness, funeral, etc.)
  4. Any students involved in academic dishonesty or disruptive behavior will have the test session ended. They could lose the privilege of using the Testing Center for the remainder of the semester and/or may incur disciplinary action.
  5. Students are required to leave all bags and personal belongings (including cell phones) in a separate, locked location.

Procedures For Instructors:

  1. After student requests to take test (exam, test, quiz) in the Testing Center, instructor fills out the Testing Cover Sheet (TCC).
  2. Submit TCC online and test at least 48 hours prior to requested testing time to allow for adequate seating and proctor availability. If this procedure is not followed, student may have to be scheduled to a different date/time.
  3. Completed tests and those with expired deadlines (students who did not show up) will be delivered to instructors’ mailboxes unless otherwise specified.
Make-up testing is for individuals only; we cannot accommodate groups or classes.

Degrees and Certificates